How has your complexion changed since starting the diet?

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    There is a theory that refined grains such as white rice, most breads, pastries, etc. cause or at least worsen acne and breakouts. I haven’t seen any solid evidence supporting this theory, but it’s an interesting idea. Since all of us on the diet are completely avoiding refined carbs, I was wondering if anyone has noticed a change in their complextion. Anyone experiencing fewer breakouts/pimples now? Or perhaps it’s gotten worse, or there’s simply been no change? I’m curious to hear everyone’s experiences.


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    I’ve had terrible acne for months and months, something I’d never suffered with before i got candida, however, after completing a 7 day detox/cleanse my skin has cleared up unbelievably and my relatives can’t believe how good my skin is looking!



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    I had lifelong acne that just made me dispair. I was on antibiotics for many years blah, waste of time. The first part of the diet ( die off) made it worse but now its much clearer and my skin looks fresh. Im just sad i never knew then what i know now, i could have been spot free for years lol


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    I too suffered most of my life from horrible acne. After staring the diet it got worse for about a week and now haas completely vanished to the point that my skin is very dry and I am having to moisturize, something I would never have done before because it would have caused worse breakouts. Amazing!!


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    I used to get redness/spots (not actual yellow-heads) and tingling around my forehead and eyebrows, especially after eating certain foods. It got much worse at the beginning of the diet and I actually got a few yellow-heads, then it went back to normal levels and has kind of stayed around there. I haven’t been feeling the tingling for the past week or so at least. My digestion has been really sluggish though, so I don’t really expect much to improve until that sorts itself out.


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    I had some acne growing up. It was not very bad but I did have break outs. When I found out about my food sensitivities to gluten and dairy and I changed my diet my skin became clear. I am pretty sure for me personally it was the dairy not the gluten because whenever I accidentally ate dairy I would break out again, but this was not the case for gluten. I have read that dairy intolerance cause many people acne issues. This all occurred before I found out about my candida problems. Since I have been on the diet not much has really changed in my skin because it was already clear, except people have told me I have more color in it.
    Good question :),


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    This is a really good question. I am also curious about everyone’s experience because when my Candida was at its worst, my acne was absolutely terrible. It was on my face, neck, shoulders and back and looked like an infection. I have always had acne breakouts since about the age of 13. Since beginning the diet I noticed it got better very quickly, and that if I ate something that is not on the allowed foods, I would certainly breakout. Ironically, I went on antibiotics to “cure” my acne which lead to my candida which now feeds my acne.


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    I have not had an acne problem and haven’t had one since high school. However, when I did the diet for the first month, I had pretty bad acne. It was because of the release of toxins via the skin.

    Relating to this, I still get a “skin rash” when I drink coffee about once a week. Its because my liver is overloaded working to clear out my body of toxins, so my skin is detoxing it out instead. I get this skin rash near my nose underneath my eye sorta.

    I went from looking really pale, like I had cancer, to looking really healthy over the last 7 months. My friends see it whenever I hang out with them; they can’t believe how much better I look and how some of my hair is growing back.



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    I think that my skin looks great. Getting off the sugar, gluten, yeast, dairy (which I’ve thought for a long time that I was allergic to) has improved my colouring. I no longer have dark circles under my eyes and my skin has a nice pallor.

    On the other hand… I am super skinny, so I have lines, but I’m working towards health and the weight will go back on eventually.

    BlueSkies – week 5

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