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    I want to start on Organic Coconut oil again. I have taken it in the past and it has caused me some nausea. How do you start taking it? What do you take it with? How do you titrate it up? What is the maximum dose?


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    Hello Tanya,

    I know what you mean, I’ve felt nauseous on it too, although it was in the beginning, and then it was when I was taking it raw, so tip is to mix it with something.

    Best would be to take some with each meal, I only take small parts then, like max a tablespoon with each meal, but then I take a bigger part of it with my last meal of the day which is a vegetable shake, it’s great in shakes!

    But you could for instance if you make buckwheat instead of rice, when it’s done, mix in alittle Coconut oil so it’s not so dry. Other times I’ve had it on my steamed vegetables.
    You get the gist of it, there’s lots of uses for it.
    And I prefer it’s liquid consistency, otherwise I get alittle nauseous 😛

    As for max daily dosage, I’ve heard mention of 5 tbsp a day, but I highly doubt it’s dangerous after that, since I’ve gone over that some days. But just start out slowly and do a tsp with each meal and see if you get any die off or reaction from that, otherwise just increase 1 tsp with each meal, but like I said don’t go over 5 tbsp each day, there’s no point since antifungals alone won’t cure you.



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    I mix some in with my breakfast cereal (cream of buckwheat or oatbran). Makes it taste way better. I don’t eat it with anything else really though.



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    Oh yeah I forgot I use it in my Buckwheat Porridge too, along with Ceylon Cinnamon and Cardamom, if you want you can add a few drops liquid stevia. It’s really good then!



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    Coconut oil made me vomit twice. I shiver when I smell it.
    What I do is, I just spoon it up with lots of water and swallow it while holding my nose. I don’t eat it with anything, because the taste of it ruins everything so I eat it before dinner.

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