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    I have attempted the candida diet in the past and when I did I felt kind of socially isolated. . I started telling people about candida and I felt like they are thinkin im broadcasting that i have a yeast infection which we don’t normally Announce to the world. When I told my family they all thought I was delusional. Especially when I started talking parasites. And every doctor and medical website denounces it.. I got really confused that nobody believed me and I know that I have this.. Am I the only one who feels like an obsessive nutcase being in this diet? Thats ok if i am. What do you say to others as to why you eat this way? How do you cope with everyone drinking beer and coffee and eating indiscriminately without having any issues while you obsess over every ingredient? I want to try again but the diet is really hard for me. Food and alcohol was my world and my identity did a 180..


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    Food and alcohol was my world and my identity …

    If you believe that food and alcohol were really your ‘identity’ that’s pretty pathetic. Sounds like you needed a change, although preferably not the one you were faced with.
    You can try telling people that you’re allergic to sugar and anything that changes into sugar in your body. Whatever you do, don’t mention the words ‘yeast’ or “Candida’ as these words seem to make people nervous for some reason.

    As far as coping with being what feels like the only person on earth eating the way you do, I think this is something you just become accustomed to over time; I know I did


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    Unfortunately, I was also a party type person, but guess what, when you get old its not as fun anymore. Especially when you look at the people who are doing the partying and realize that they are as empty as the tin can they are drinking.

    One thing that might make you feel empowered about candida is to educate yourself more about it. A good way to start is by listening to some dr. mcoombs:

    Did you know that candida has been more studied than cancer? There are over 50,000 studies on candida which is about one study per day over the last 50-60 years, so its been something that the medical community has looked at repeatedly.

    Parasites exist in every human so who cares what these websites say. There are parasites in chicken, vegetables, fruit, etc. Just do some research about it, look at the pictures if you want to.

    You’ll be able to drink beer and coffee in time but keep in mind that all indulgences have drawbacks. How would you like a damaged liver instead of candida? How would you like to suffer from seizures everytime you drink alcohol like raster? You have to look things more positively, atleast you are not in a wheelchair on the street begging for money.



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    Yeah I did need a change. I dealt with a lot of social anxiety a lot growing up and didn’t know how to fit in so i started drinking. It helped my shyness.. I have quit that for several years now once i found out about the candidiasis. I associated celebrations and spending time with family by eating my favorite foods and gave myself little rewards by sipping coffee or tea. It was big in our family so they always think I’ve changed so much that I cant eat what they’re eating. . I started telling people the sugar allergy thing and then they’d ask me what affect it causes. Id say digestion issues. They’re probably picturing gross images. I would like to feel positive about it. At least there is a way to get rid of my symptoms. I’m really hoping it will help with mental health.


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    I explain as briefly as I can my situation to my closest/good friends, and they seem to really appreciate what I’m going through.
    But for others (aquaintainces, strangers…) all I say is I’m on a strict diet due to digestive issues and can’t have certain foods/drinks.

    Simple as that.


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    I tell some people more than others, it depends if i think they can handle it.
    I started the candida diet with this huge shame cloud because i didn’t know what to say and i thought the whole thing was gross, now i just say im detoxing.

    Don’t overload people with TMI unless they ask then make sure your informed so you sound like you know what your doing. Some people will think your a nutter no matter what, but you cant please them all.

    Another good thing to say is digestive issues, because thats true TheXtremisT nailed that one.


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    Thanks. It’s amazing talking to others who have gone through the same thing. Since I am the only one in my world. I now know there is no need to convince anyone that I know what I’m doing. I researched a lot about parasites and candida and the whole thing makes total sense to me. What didn’t make sense to my close relatives was that they could find information debunking candidiasis on respected medical journals and from doctors. They think drs know all like most people do. So I felt like I had to go into a conspiracy theory practically to explain why docs don’t know and then I sounded even more nuts. I guess the good thing is that now that im regarded that way anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore. And I don’t have to convince anyone to buy into it .


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    But Lithia, you live in Monterey California! Everyone there should be a health nut fully familiar with alternative healing and practices!

    Sorry that you get flack. I am similarly uncomfortable, though I do tell people if they ask, why I am so food limited. I usually start out with something along the lines of I’ve got dybiosis and I need to rebalance the gut bacteria in my body, which is a long slow process. If they ask more questions, I’ll go into details about candida, antifungals, die off, probiotics and prebiotics, but I live in Colorado, and we’re very open to alternate modalities here. ;D

    There is so much research coming out now about our gut bacteria and their effect on on our mental and physical health. Read up on that and show your family if they are giving you crap.


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    Hi Lithia,

    I do not try to explain to my friends, because they will not understand. I only tell them that I have a, A Gut Flora Imbalance. So I have to eat special diets and no sugar and fruits for now. They are so amaze, they say what do you eat then. I say well, I am still alive don’t I. The word Candida will make them run a mile. One of my friends came to see me.
    We meet at the shopping centre. I told her I have to get some buckwheat flour chicory, coffee, and a few more things, when I finish shopping to my surprise she also bought buckwheat flour, chicory coffee. She ask me how do I use it. There is nothing wrong with her so she should not need these things. May she think, that she is protecting her self.

    I was on a Road, it was dark, cold, gloomy and painful to walk, there was not any lights there. I was the only one on that road. So I thought. The road did not even have a name. There was a enemy there as well. I did not know if the enemy was a male or female or it’s name.

    When one day I got unto another road. On this road there was other people, they have names, which I cannot remember but I call them MY FRIENDS. When we meet, we talk about our journey and chair each other on. Our journey is the same we have similar experiences. We have pain, but we know why. I found out the name of that enemy YES IT IS CANDIDA. But we are all on a new road. And this road have a name. Yes it is the to recovery. So I name this road RECOVERY RD. There are self restriction on this road, if we want to get to the end of Recovery Rd. we must have self control in what we eat. On the other road that I left, everyone do as they please. I am determining to get to the end of RECOVERY ROAD. Yes the enemy is this on this word but we must fight it with all our WILL POWER.



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    Its funny you started this topic. I too find myself wondering the same thing about what others would think. I have been to every doctor known to man, ENT, Gastro, Urologist, Pulmonary specialists, Dermatologists, and not a single one have a clue what is wrong with me. They all seem to think antibiotics and steroids will save me. For years I fed into their incompetence, and now I am very sick, more sick than most of the people on this forum. I have had tinnitus in both of my ears since I was a child. I was born with an infection leaking out of my ears. Yet, the doctors could never figure it out. So, as far as your friends go and anyone around you who may look at you as a “weirdo” or “nutcase”, just remember, it is your health, not theirs. They have no clue what its like to feel the way that we all do. Over 80% of the people on this forum have been diagnosed as “perfectly healthy” by modern doctors and their standardizing blood tests. But, we all know that we are sick. So when the topic comes up, you can just reply with “I have stomach problems, and I need to eat healthy.” or you can stick with the “I have food allergies,” explanation. Either way, most people can not comprehend the severity of this type of disease/syndrome. I wish I knew what I knew now 10 years ago, because I would not be where I am today. My family understands what I am going through, they know I have been sick my entire life, and with the new information I have learned about candida and leaky gut syndrome, I now finally know what needs to be done to get better. I still am a bit “sketchy” about the protocol and testimonies, but I am a firm believer. The only thing I am worried about is that I may be too far into this disease to be “normal” again, but I am hoping that the diet and protocol pays off and can get me back into society as a productive member. I live with my best friend and his family, and they all know what is wrong with me, I’ve explained it on many occasions, and they believe me when I say I have this disease. Also, my mother encourages me to stick to the protocol because she too believes that nutrition and natural healing can cure my disease. Good luck, and do not worry about what others think. If anything, you may stumble upon someone else who has the same issues and you may be able to guide them to a healthy lifestyle. Take care.

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