how do you deal with your sugar cravings?

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    1) unsweeted cocoa/carob power + coconut milk + stevia + hot water = yummy hot chocolate ***note: carob and green leaf stevia compliment each other MUCH better than cocoa and stevia. try it and you’ll know what i mean

    2) magnesium citrate. i’ve just started taking NATURAL CALM. it’s supposed to help eliminate chocolate cravings, so stay tuned…

    3) protein powder sweetened with stevia. i use Vega brand (although it has a gram or 2 of sugar, so i’ll need to find something better)

    4) EFT. i havent been using this technique, but it is certainly worth a try.

    any other tips?


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    I make my own chocolate…. melt coconut oil, mix in organic unsweetened cocoa powder, yacon syrup OR xylitol and a pinch of salt. Add some fine coconut in to make it go further. pour it into ice cube trays and pop in the fridge until set. I eat a few a day… the coconut kills candida too!


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    What an awesome alternative!!!


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    I don’t agree with substituting naturally or no-calorie sweetners is the way to kick sugar cravings.

    My suggestion is to brush your teeth. Many times sugar cravings are a result of eating spicy or salty foods. Brushing your teeth clears your pallet and the fact that you have just brushed your teeth will detour you from eating anything.


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    I too have been making my own chocolate, but like 4evryoung says, I am starting to think that it is the wrong way to go about things.

    I would sweeten a bar of baker’s chocolate with Xylitol, and it would last me a day, maybe two. I can’t not eat it when I have it. This is exactly the kind of mentality that probably gave me Candida in the first place, and will probably give it to me again when I am done with the diet.

    I need to break that habit. I do feel the need to munch on things often though, so I think I will start trying some pumpkin seeds or something. I find that my sugar cravings and just munching cravings are the same thing.

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