How do I know i've got candida under control?

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    I’ve suffered with Candida for about a year. I read somewhere on the internet that every year you suffer candida it will take that many months to recover from it, I don’t know whether that’s true or not. But…

    So I’ve been taking ProSynbiotics (Probiotics+prebiotic) for about a month and a half now. I’m continuing to take 4Billion CFU twice daily but I notice that my bloating, gas, and respiratory problems are still the same, maybe a little better but. Could it be that my Candida is already under control and my Probiotics are just causing excess bloating and gas that’s unnecessary?

    I stopped taking my probiotics for two days and my bloating,gas, and respiratory symptoms resided alot, but my forehead started to break out ALOT. I’ve had previous die-off last month with skin rashes, acne, fatigue, and sore muscles and joints, I also did have to urinate ALOT (around three or four times every hour) but this month it’s been consistent gas, bloating, and minor respiratory problems, but I do have regular bowel movement. Is there any possible way to tell that this isn’t die-off?

    As of right now I’ve lowered my probiotic dosage to one 4billion CFU capsule perday, still experiencing minor bloating and gas. What I DONT want is to stop probiotics and have Candida return at full force. However, considering I took my probiotics for about a month and a half following the diet, my good flora should be pretty well populated by now.

    Any thoughts?

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