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    Hi Everyone,

    I,m new to this and am not sure where to start. I’m a 48 year old male and appear to have many of the symptoms associated with candida. Firstly, is candida as common in males as females (I don’t mean to sound sexist, but one tends to hear candida associated with women more often than not)? Secondly, I read in many places that many conventional doctors don’t recognise systemic candida as a condition; how do I get a confirmed diagnosis?


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    confirmed can be done through a scope into your stomach and/ or various tests done by your naturopathic doctor.

    women are more prone to candida but men can get it too. its easier for men to cure, i hear.

    good luck


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    Hey there I am a male and am suffering candida. I really urge you to go through with the system. I have already learned so much about my body and I’m only on day 6 of the cleanse. I just had my third BM to discover some little nasty worms living in me. Which can uncomfortably and unfortunately be a part of it. The cleanse will do wonders for your intestine and bowels. I would start if you feel you have candida and test later when possible. Either way youre doing something great for your body


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