How do I ask a new doctor about candida so they believe me!??

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    I recently found out I have candida overgrowth, 90% diagnosing myself after many years of health problems. I did the glass of water spit test – couldn’t be more positive, and everything else checks out too. When I looked up the symptoms, they matched everything I’ve complained about to normal doctors for YEARS, who always ignored it and passed it off as “somatization disorder” aka experiencing real symptoms for no medical reason.

    ANYWAY, tomorrow I’m seeing a rheumatologist and a gastroenterologist, and on Monday a gynecologist. All new-patient appointments since I’m relatively new to this city.

    So….what’s the best way to bring up “I’m pretty sure I have candida overgroth/gut flora imbalance/candidiasis etc” without them immediately dismissing me. ALSO, if they order a blood test, are there specific tests I should ask for because I know there are certain ones that won’t pick up a conclusive diagnosis.

    WHY do normal doctors dismiss this obvious cause of so many sick peoples’ symptoms!? It drives me crazy.

    Okay guys, help me not screw this up.



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    Well if you tell them you have a positive spit test, then they will think you are crazy, because it doesn’t mean anything whatsoever:

    Unfortunately you have a difficult road ahead of you with western medicine. Western medicine typically only treats the symptoms not the cause of the problem.

    I would bring up a few big points when talking to them:

    -I would say to them you have a yeast overgrowth and not candida. They likely don’t know much about candida.

    -I would mention that your digestion is poor (constipated) and you think this affects how you feel, etc.

    -If you do talk about candida I would become more knowledgeable about it before talking to them. A good way to start out is to listen to some Dr. Mcoombs:

    -If you talk them about candida I would mention how there are over 50,000 studies on candida albicans which is about the average of one study per day for the last 50-60 years. It has been more studied than cancer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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