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    I am having a very weird time on the anti candida diet this week, I seem to be reacting to nearly eveything I eat, I react very strongly to the smallest amount of antifungal foods so I have totally tried to eradicate them I am on no antifungals or probotics this week at all to try and get over this patch and yet I am having reactions to a nearly everything I eat – stuff I was tolerating well before now – stuff I have been eating for three months on this diet.

    I had millet with butter for breakfast – and I have had diarrhea half an hour later and now I feel the shivers coming on. I have had a headache all week and cant seem to shake feeling either nauseous or headachy or crampy, Can this be die off all week or why am I starting to experience reactions to stuff that I could previously tolerate ( like cococnut oil, onions, olive oil) Is this part of the whole experience?

    I am feeling highly anxious and at this stage dont know what to eat anymore as I feel so bad all the time.
    this was my food for yesterday

    amaranth and butter
    chicken and green salad
    Buckwheat crackers
    turnip brussle sprouts and egg and butter
    buckwheat crackers and avacado

    are these not good foods – why I am not improving?
    I have been drinking as much water as poss and having some nettle and peppermint tea and Ive been going to the sauna.
    I have been drinking sparkling water alot as I think this helps my nausea
    Can anybody see anything I am doing wrong ?

    Thanks again in advance


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    I would consider rotating foods in your diet. Candida has a strong ability to adapt to almost any food in your diet and can live on almost anything. If you eat something for 5 days and on day 6 get a food reaction…stop it for a few weeks before trying it out again. This happened to me with quinoa and rice bran.

    It sounds like your leaky gut is worsening, so I would consider trying out antifungals soon so that candida doesn’t create any more holes in your intestines. You need to kill it off and need to detox out the toxins. I would consider trying out SF722 undecenoic acid which prevents candida from attaching to your mucousal membranes. If this can be prevented, it won’t come back very easily.

    Get whatever supplements you can for die-off. There are some alternatives within this post:

    If it seems like too much of a struggle, consider contacting a naturopathic doctor. They can heal you and not only candida; it may speed up your recovery. This will cost money of course and they vary in their skills/knowledge.



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    Yes im seeing a new naturopath next week who claims great results, heres hoping!

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