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    I heard about hot baths being great for releasing candida toxins in the skin. So I went for it and loved it. Throw some epsom salts in for added effect. I even heard you can add baking soda to help keep toxins from reentering your pores but haven’t tried it.

    The best part to me though is the refreshing cold shower you take afterward. It is so so invigorating.


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    I have done the hot bath with Bicarbonate of Soda and Sea Salt, and found it very effective in relieving the pain of onset of bladder infections caused by Candida Albicans. I’ve tried baths with Lavender oil, which is proported to be usefull, but found this highly irritating, even at just 2 drops for the full bath.
    I must say I haven’t followed that up with the cold shower, but must give it a try!


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    The quick transition from hot to cold is very popular in northern European countries. Friends of ours lived in Finland for 6 months last winter and wound up loving the local ritual of first sitting in a purifying sauna and then plunging into the icy water outdoors! The Fins swear by it for overall health & well-being.

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