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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been a bit of a silent follower on here, so firstly want to say thank you all for your helpful posts that are no doubt helping more people than you realise!

    Just going to write a wee introduction, so you can breeze past this bit if you like! My name is Ruth, I’m from England, and have actually had Candida/been on the diet before. I became ill when I was 13, shortly after starting my periods. When I was 14/15 I was diagnosed with ME/CFS, and at 16, I heard of the anti candida diet, and through a nutritionist, did the diet for about 2 years (it took me about a year to get better, and then i stayed on the diet for a further ‘maintenance’ year). In order to be classified as free of my candida problems, I had to get a very low score on the nutritionists candida score sheet, but got very frustrated as for months I was feeling better, apart from problems related to my period. I ended up just saying that my periods were a lot better, when in fact they weren’t, as after being on the diet for a year, I couldn’t see that any improvement would happen. As I said, I stayed on the diet for a further year after this point, still with no improvement with regards to periods.

    I went to University after I had finished the diet, and soon enough, my diet was poor, I was drinking a lot (clearly at that age, I didn’t grasp that this is something my body would never cope with!) and sure enough, I never felt ‘well’. I slowly got worse, but the drink and adrenalin kept me going enough. I held down a job after this, but it wasn’t too taxing so again, I was able to keep going, despite feeling run down etc. October 2010, I went travelling, which was going great, until I was in the earthquake in Christchurch, Feb 2011. It was a very stressful time, and I found that I was constantly on edge afterwards, and in April, I decided I needed to come back home. I got a job straight away in May- it was very monotonous, I was doing the same thing all day everyday at a computer, and I started to get very dizzy, then constantly felt like I was on a boat. I wasn’t sure if it was the repetitive motion of moving my neck/eyes etc up and down for 9 hours, or if it was a virus etc, so I went to the Dr, who firstly thought it was my eyes, so was passed onto the optician who said to try wearing my glasses more rather than my contacts, which I did, to no avail. I went back to the Dr, who then told me it was an inner ear infection, and tried me on about 3 different sets of drugs, all of which did not work. He also thought I was traumatised from the earthquake, and I think then gave me some anti-depressents, though really, I can’t remember if these were for that or for the inner ear infection, but either or. My head got so bad that I ended up leaving my job in September, and although my head eased up a little, I came to acknowledge that my heath is poor and that I can’t accept this way of living (I’m 25 now). I read up on Candida again, and decided that I probably never quite got rid of it, and that my lifestyle at Univeristy, and then the stress of the earthquake, have made it come back quite badly. I then committed to the diet on 1st Feb, and have been on it since.

    Not having any dramatic die off, I’m slowly starting to feel more refreshed after sleep, and waking easily at 8.30am (10am was normal for me before due to nights of nightmares and frequent waking etc), although I still do have quite a few bad dreams. I don’t feel particularly different to before I was on the diet apart from that, my head is very heavy/foggy.

    My main line of thought at the moment, is that I have had 2 periods whilst on the diet, and both have been even worse than normal, bad PMS, and then extremely heavy and painful periods. I found some interesting information here: http://www.candidahouse.com/page/1402769 which seems relevant, but from what I can see, they don’t seem to conclude what to do about the candida-hormone relationship. I’m very relucant to go to my Dr, as they always prescribe me pills. Before my periods turn up, I get blisters on my hands and mouth and throat ulcers, which suggests to me that I am reacting to a hormone that increases just before my period. The doctors did start to look into this, and tested me to see if I was allergic to my own hormones, but nothing abnormal was shown. Has anyone else had/knows about/is able to shed any light on a candida-hormone relationship? As I said earlier, I got first became unwell when I started my periods, and it was those that the diet never seemed to cure. I have no idea how to attack this aspect.

    If you are still awake, thank you so much for reading. It has even helped just to write all of the above. Sorry for taking up so much of your time, but I’m writing in desperation!

    Thank you all again,

    Ruth 🙂


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    Hello, Ruth, sorry no one was available to answer your message last night.

    The fact that the hormonal problem is caused by a Candida infestation means that the best route to correcting same is to cure the overgrowth. If you’re here on the forum, then you’ve made the first big step towards that goal.

    There are several other posts concerning this problem on the forum, here is a somewhat recent one.

    Other important links are on the forum index:


    Let us know if you have other questions.



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    Hi Able,

    Many thanks for your reply. I’ve seen the posts that you posted as have been a silent lurker, but thank you 🙂 I was previously on the diet for a year trying to help the period side of things, but even in a year, actually make that 2 years including the maintenance year, I unfortunatly saw no difference (with regards to this aspect) from the diet. I will keep going this time, I just get the feeling that there is some sort of cycle with hormones keeping this candida alive.

    If anyone else reads this and has a similar problem, I did just find an interesting website, regarding something called APICH syndrome- which links candida and faulty endocrine systems. http://www.whatmedicine.co.uk/ailmentsCandida.htm

    Thanks again 🙂


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    Ruthh123 wrote:
    I found some interesting information here: http://www.candidahouse.com/page/1402769 which seems relevant, but from what I can see, they don’t seem to conclude what to do about the candida-hormone relationship.

    Thank you for posting this article. It answers many of my questions. I was treated for endomitriosis and infertility, luckily I managed to give birth to twin girls, but my candida problems escalated after giving birth. It all makes sense.

    The only thing that worries me is that I’ve always had problems such as chronic vaginal thrush even before having my kids. They mention in this article that if you had candida overgrowth you could pass it to your child through birth or breastfeeding. I did have a C-section, but I did breastfeed my kids. I also had few breast infections along the way. How do I know if I passed this to my kids? Anyone has any insight in this? I don’t want my girls to go through what I have been and now I worry even more on top of my condition!!!

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