Holiday to the US coming up – how bad is it if I cheat a little bit?

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    Hi all,

    I have been doing the Candida diet for just 1 week after finding out I have Candida and I feel like it’s already doing great things. I didn’t do a cleanse, just went for the restricted diet with some probiotics and haven’t slipped up once so far.

    This new discovery about my health means that a problem has arisen with my holiday to the United States – since I don’t see myself visiting there again for at least a couple of years I am torn between sticking to the Candida diet and experiencing the US to the fullest, which to me definitely includes tasting all kinds of American foods.
    Obviously a huge chunk of the American diet is absolutely terrible for Candida so I wasn’t planning on going all out, but I was wondering how much of a set back it might be if I taste 1 bite of every dish my partner orders whilst trying to be as sugar free as possible myself? Will those, say 6 bites per day completely mess up the plan? And if it messes everything up anyways, mightn’t I just as well give up the diet for the 9 days we’re there and start over?

    Really curious if any of you have had any experiences with holidays where it’s difficult to stick to the diet and any effects you have noticed because of straying from the anti Candida path.



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    I dont have much experience in dealing with candida and I dont even know that what I have is candida as Im stil eaiting for my results but I do know that what I have is yeast infection as it reacts to carbs etc and my flare ups are really clear. Speaking from my own experience i would say that as long as you keep the ‘bad stuff’ in moderation the yeast would not progress-get worse but you would not see any improvement either… I am going on holiday as well and I plan to do 2 days of detox before that and eat mostly veggies/meat and drink gin and strong alcohol instead of normal drinks which have loads of sugar if I really have to but if I really feel like having someting off the limts I will probably have it but in smal amounts which dont tend to aggravate my condition that much If I have been eating clean for a while but then again everyone reacts differently

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