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    Hi Guys…

    I’ve just got some blood tests back from the docs and I’m trying to make some sense of them and to find a plan that can help me.

    I have high cortisol levels, the initial blood test came back with a morning reading of 798 nmol/L (the reference range is 171-536 nmol/L)

    I also have…

    Low ferritin – 12 ng/mL (ref range: 15.00 – 150.00ng/mL)
    Low Iron – 4.5 umol/L (ref range: 5.00 – 35.00umol/L)
    High potassium – 5.4 mmol/L (ref range: 3.50 – 5.30mmol/L)

    I also have abnormal ‘Urea & Electrolytes’… although they haven’t included the reading for this, so no idea how abnormal.

    My sodium seems to be normal – 141 mmol/L (ref range: 133.00 – 146.00 mmol/L)

    I’ve been on the Candida diet for a year and a half now, (although I sometimes struggle with the protocol from a purely financial point and therefore take only probiotics… oh and coconut oil when I can bear it). It’s through this forum that I’ve come to recently ask for a blood test for my cortisol levels. I took ashwaganda for a period last summer when it had the most profound effect on me, after taking it for a week and a half my energy levels esculated massively and for the first time in my adult life I felt I had woken up, I started to be able to concentrate and a myriad of other improvements took place… this lasted for about two months before the Ashwagandha ‘wore off’ and I returned to my normal chronically fatigued self. It stayed with me the effect the ashwagandha had had on me, which got me thinking maybe my cortisol levels were not as they should be… and clearly they are not!

    I’ve been doing a bit of internet browsing, it would appear that I have cushings syndrome?? A likely cause could be CAH Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia which is genetic…Or could this be Adrenal Fatigue?? I don’t think I have the classic CAH but I do have some of the symptoms of non classic CAH, like excess of body hair (hirsutism), red face, acne, possibly polycistic ovaries… Does anyone else with Adrenal Fatigue suffer from these symptoms too? I also have muscle weakness, Fatigue, and mood swings but I figure most people with candida have these!!!
    Could it be the Candida causing Adrenal Fatigue or could CAH be a cause?

    I have an appointment with the doc on the 20th March (he’s currently on hols), I’m suspecting he’s going to suggest that I take a Gloucocorticold (steroid hormone), which at the moment I’m quite tempted by if it’s going to give me some blinking energy!!!

    I’m going to try some Pantethine to see if this helps but I fear it might give me a short burst again and wear off like the ashwagandha…

    Any thoughts anybody?

    Thanks in advance



    Vegan Catlady
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    I dont care what anyone else says, MOST people have some varying degree of adrenal fatigue.
    Especially with candida or any illness. You def have a few symptoms of it.

    The symptoms you listed (red face,acne,estrogen dominant,ect) are not necessarily adrenal related.
    Since all the glands work together for health, one defective gland causes all others to eventually get out of whack.

    I remember Dr Morse talking specifically about red-face and excess body hair on one of his videos, but I cant recall which one. I have adrenal fatigue pretty bad, but I dont have those symptoms.

    Research your steroid, most of the time it isnt worth it because it teaches your glands not to do their job fully,but maybe this one is different.

    There is alot out there on adrenal fatigue, endocrine balancing, and over-all detoxing.

    No matter where you start,these questions you have should be answered by the doc who ordered your blood test.

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