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    Hi, I wish I were new to yeast also, but alas, I am about a year and a half into my struggle, I miss those days when I thought a simple dose of Monistat could clear all this up, but my journey has led me into a new life, where I try to be natural and healthy, and my undying belief in contemporary medicine has taken a tough blow.

    A few questions that only a newbie would ask:
    Does it pay to keep acidophilus in the fridge even if I didn’t get it in the refridgerated section?
    Anyone hear of Yeast Arrest suppositores? Any good? I just started, they have boric acid in them, along with a bunch of other stuff.
    Anyone here also have vestibulitis? I understand that these two go together?
    Lastly, anyone have issues while they were pregnant and nursing, but when they stopped nursing the yeast cleared up? My yeast started a year and a half ago in the begginning of my pregnancy, now I am nursing a ten month old, with no intentions of stopping, not even to clear up the yeast. So I was wondering if hormones are what are making all this happen.

    Nice to find this community.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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