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    Hello everyone. I am new and would like to tell you my story and hope you can give me your insight about 2 yrs ago, I had a circular rash on my arm. I did not go to the doctor and it later went away. I have been sick and thought after research it may have been lyme disease but now I have realized it may have been ringworm, and I may feel so bad because I have a severe candida infection.

    I have headaches, tinnitus, burning on my skin, weird pains on the bottom of my feet at times, some anxiety. psoriasis in my ears that itch. I have been told I have hashimonto’s thyroiditis and I am on armour thyroid. I have so much fatigue and feel terrible. I was told by a lyme doctor I have lyme and told my 2 doctors I do not. I feel so bad and I have been on antibiotics for 5 months. I had 3 abcesses in my teeth and i have had dental implants done, all the bad teeth pulled during the time I was told I had lyme. my test results are inconclusive.

    could it be I have severe candida making me so sick? I have had severe allergies to mold in the past, I had histoplamosis in 2008, I had fungal infections in my fingernails growing up, lots of infections in the past growing up took tetracycline for acne in my teens.

    you can get that rash from ringworm when you have a bad case of candida.


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    Sounds like lyme. Symptoms between lyme and candida can be quite similar but a bulls eye rash is something lyme would cause. However people that get lyme could also end up developing systemic candida, especially with so much antibiotics. I have candida and sometimes hear ringing in ears, I don’t feel burning on my skin or weird pains. From the stories I’ve heard from people with lyme and those with candida I’d think you have lyme.


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    IMO, you may have both.

    This is just my perspective:

    Your teeth problems regardless of what the label you give your illness,always comes from acidosis.
    This means that whatever the illness is that you have, it has set up your system to lean towards being acidic.
    If your teeth problems were only on the outside of your teeth, I would say to treat your mouth topically…but acidosis means you can take all kinds of topical meds for skin and teeth, but they are being damaged first from the inside (as skin is also the way we eliminate).

    I would work towards alkalizing your diet (not your tummy acid, thats all together different).
    Then I would get your lymph moving so that you eliminate/move that acid.

    I was told I was too acidic by my naturopath and I had a hard time with it.
    Im mostly raw vegan prior to this candida problem, so I refused to believe I could be acidic on such an alkalizing diet.
    Turns out I wasnt moving my lymph, so all my natural cellular debris, which is naturally acidic, couldnt be eliminated, and the diet couldnt neutralize it.

    So, whatever it is you have, to simplify it all, you still have to get all your systems functioning well so that the body can heal itself.

    I have to keep reminding myself, the body is brilliant. Its capable of healing itself. We just got to stop doing whatever it is we are doing that keeps it from doing its job 🙂


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    Bullseye and ringworm look totally different and bullseye pops up quick, ringworm would take weeks/months to reach that size. Study it a little and it should be very easy to discern the difference between the 2. Most with lyme have candida overgrowth.


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    thank you so much. the rash on my arm was on there and stayed on there for 2 months. it did start small and then looked like a red spot with bumps in the center then a red cirlce around that.

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