Here's my symptoms. Do I have Candida?

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    1. Yellow coated tongue – just the tongue surface (not cheeks or other areas). Here’s a picture (zoom out and it becomes clearer)
    2. Itchiness – this just started happening recently
    3. Dark circles under eyes
    4. Dandruff

    I tried nystatin but it didn’t work. So that means I either don’t have a yeast infection, or that it didn’t respond to nystatin.

    That’s why I’m leaning towards a bacterial overgrowth.

    What are your thoughts? If you have questions I can answer them.



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    Your dandruff may be related to ringworm which is caused by (typically) parasites. I thought that the diet would cure my dandruff problems but it did not.

    It did cure my itchiness and dark circles underneath my eyes.

    The yellow tongue sounds very much like oral thrush which typically means you have a oral yeast infection. This is the strongest of your symptoms relating to candida.

    The best way to find out is to try the diet and if you have die-off then you likely have candida.



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    Thanks for the reply.

    About a year ago I switched up my diet. I pretty much only eat meat, eggs, fish, fruits, honey, coconut, and vegetables.


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    If I can suggest something, this is what I used to find out if my symptoms were associated with Candida. It helped me a lot!

    Candida Questionnaire and Score Sheet

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