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    I’ve been on the diet about 5 and a half months now but for about the last 2 or 3 I’ve had yellow stools and more recently they have become sticky and pastey, plus I get wind after most, if not all meals.

    I havent really progressed onto stage two yet (tomatoes, apples etc) because of this. I did introduce millet and it seems fine but i try to have it once every few weeks.

    My diet consists of:

    Oatbran, buckwheat flakes, buckwheat, buckwheat noodles, organic chicken or salmon 3 times a week, coconut bread, coconut cream, buckwheat crackers, milk kefir, Fage greek yoghurt, organic eggs, swede, turnip, courgette, lettuce, cucumber, red onions, garlic, dessicated coconut, hemp seeds and flaxseeds.

    The antifungals i alternate are:

    Grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano, red clover, apple cider vinegar, black walnut extract. I have previously used all the above plus coconut oil and caprylic acid also.

    Supplements I regularly take at the moment are:

    Flaxseed oil, Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamin e, vitamin c, biotin. Unfortunately I have noticed that the first 3 contain starch. I also have magnesium, calcium and zinc, vit A, vit D3 but havent taken these lately. Those dont contain starch or anything else nasty. I’m currently on HMF neuro probiotics.

    My diet hasnt really changed for the last 2 or 3 months so i’m unsure of why i’m still having these nasty stools. I do also have to take Nortryptiline for fibromyalgia and they contain lactose. Enough to cause a problem though???

    My oral thrush is gone (i think) and the vaginal thrush is certainly gone enough to have sex again. I think i do have it on the outside a bit still though.

    I added alcohol free swedish bitters three weeks ago expecting an improvement but i’ve not really seen one yet. It says take before meals for better digestion or after for bloating and gas. I’ve tried taking before, after, and both before and after. Not much difference really but perhaps i’ve not been on it long enough.

    I’m aware i could have parasites and am looking into ways of getting rid of them – possibly black walnut hulls, wormwood and common cloves together?
    I think i chew my food enough, but i’m working on this anyway and i most definitely drink enough water and herbal teas.

    I’d like some advice based on the yellow sticky stools, considering i’ve never had these before the diet and i’ve had them a few months now. Its pay day soon and I am ready to start buying yet more things if necessary. I really dont want to have to go to the Dr about this because I know he will say negative things about this diet, although as far as i’m concerned this is the healthiest diet i’ve ever been on.


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    For your wind woes, I would check out zypan or betaine HCL which can completely reduce or eliminate gas. I take zypan personally and its not really a problem anymore. I do get a little bit of natural gas but the unnatural really smelly gas I used to get no longer is happening. Your body isn’t producing enough hydrochloric acid, which is typical with candida sufferers per dr. mcoombs.

    On a side note: I would look to eating some salads with your meals; you need more veggies! I eat 2 per day!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the bad ingredients in your supplements; I would finish the bottles and find ones that don’t contain starch.

    For parasites, the diet, black walnut extract, and diacatamus earth (mispell) are good ways to go. There really isn’t too much to do about them other than this and more antifungals or prescription medication.

    I’d also check out SF722 and this is very strong and powerful. Its one of the cornerstones of my treatment.


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