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    Had Candida for 20 years off and on. Was diagnosed by a functional medicine doctor after stool testing so I know this is a legitimate problem. I also tested positive to Candida on the allergy IM skin test.

    After feeling awful for 2 years due to not watching my diet I finally got strict and have been following the protocol, starting with food changes and then adding in probiotic.

    I feel better in some ways: Less bloating, less fatigue and overall I am more energetic. However, I have had very loose stools every morning since I started this change in lifestyle.

    I keep thinking something is wrong with me because I have never had loose stools every day for a month. I also have brain fog, dizziness and nausea.

    Would really appreciate hearing from others who have gone through this to know if it is normal.

    Thank you,


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    Digestive upset, brain fog etc can all be caused by the Candida albicans dying off and the composition of your gut flora changing. Perhaps you are moving a little too fast with the treatment?

    You could cut back on antifungals and take some more probiotics instead to help normalize your gut flora. You could also eat some more fiber, or add in some psyllium husk to your diet, to bulk up your stools.

    Sounds like you’re feeling better overall though 🙂


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    How high of doseage of antifungals do you take? Are you drinking coffee on top of it? Its quite normal from my experience…you might want to take a more gentle antifungal like SF722.

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