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    Hi there, I’m writing on behalf of my husband. We don’t even know if he is definitely suffering with candida. He is having persistent night time itching all over his body. Rashes on his genitals, neck, chest and back. He is now following a strict diet in case it is candida. We have also sent his stool and saliva sample away to a laboratory to get tested for candida. He’s not sleeping at night which is torture. He does have a few symptoms of candida but there are quite a few he doesn’t have. Is there anyone on here that suffers with these symptoms too. I’m so worried about him, he’s at the end of his tether and I fear for health. Thank you for any help xx


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    Have you tried applying coconut oil topically? The low-sugar diet should also help. But it will be really interesting to see what results the stool test show. Let us know when you get them!

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