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    Hello all,

    It has been a long time, since I have posted on here. I just wanted to say that ever since last year, I feel I have not been the same ever since, and I partly blame it to when I got pneumonia.

    Raster, I was starting to feel somewhat decent in my life, getting some energy, when then I caught pneumonia, and everything went down hill. When I was starting to feel good, and able to cheat here and there, as I think I did mention on here one other time, I tried those e-cigs because my partner was using them. I was curious, and liked the smell of the flavor. Then, when I got pnemonia, I just used it for energy because I got sick right when I was working part-time, and doing my Christmas craft fairs. However, I became addicted when I thought I could stop.

    I have had success by trying to quit for a couple days, but then life comes in, and I start back up! I am using the nicotine logenzes now, and I realize now, I use them, which have been able to cut down in half, either due to digestion or blood sugar. Also, finances, bills have been bothering me.

    As I have mentioned in my form before, I do have gastroparesis and no colon, which makes it hard for doctors to diagnose me. I stopped consulting with Bernie for awhile, and then met again with this one doctor that helped me get started towards a more holistic approach! She recommended good supplements again; however, I find myself with diarrhea at times and excessive gas, especially with no colon!!!!! It is like I try to supply myself with the right foods, the right supplements, but excessive amounts will either upset my stomach or intestines.
    Here were recommendations:
    1. Panplex-2-phase digestive enzyme (however, I feel I reflux on this sometimes, love the ox bile, and possibility need hcl, but maybe not too much)
    2. Biozyme digestive enzyme (works great, but feel it is missing ox bile, which I need, and also can give me the runs at times – I love this enzyme and takes care of acid reflux so much, but then afraid of possibility getting the runs!)
    3. L-glutamine 5-10 g a day (sometimes I wonder about this supplement, but it does help the bowels, sugar and alcohol cravings, etc. Also, wonder if it causes mania sometimes in me) Sometimes I get so worked up, that I have taken as much as 30 g.
    3. Probiotic Pearls Immune
    4. Cortisol Manager for sleep at night
    5. Yeast Balance from Integrative Thereupeutics (contains berbeine, goldenseal, peppermint)

    However, she never taught me how to keep enough energy up during the day, and balance my brain chemistry through vitamins and herbs!

    Now, through my own self discovery, I have learned about chromium, 5htp, dlpa to help me lessen carbohydrate cravings, and balance blood sugar better. However, when I get a d episode or excessive gas, I think I have done nicotine just for a quick sugar fix, which is not good either, because I know the just exacerbates the problem further, but when I need to keep going, it is a stimulate plus relaxation technique at the same time sometimes, and I realize 5htp helps, but then I get mad because I can get tired.

    Also, right now, I am trying s. boulardii to lessen excessive gas or if a episode of diarrhea to lessen it. I am just afraid to eat sometimes, of either wanting to binge eat a little bit, I have probably started my anorexia again partly, just because it is the only thing I can control the best, explains nicotine, too!

    Also, I have met with an compounding doctor to try and come up certain formulations to get me up! However, I think the certain hormones, etc., have not been right, and I feel awful and angry, headaches. I can think straight anymore, I can never sleep, only pee at night, and I do need something to help me pass my bowels a little bit, like magnesium for calming effect and easier to pass bowels, but can’t take too much; otherwise, the gas keeps coming. I have to stick my finger in my butt just to release it, and then it comes flooring!

    Plus, I have tried various green drinks, which help, like one lady sold me moringa from zija, which works great for inflammation, but the drink bothered my stomach, and too much cholorophyll. I have like this one from garden of life, perfect food raw!

    I need to go to the bathroom, especially, with no colon; otherwise, my gallbladder will hurt. Then, I retain water, only pee at night the best, relying on caffeine. I just want have my treats here and there without feeling too awful!

    I have liked these other things as well at times:
    1. Zinc-carosine
    2. Ginger for nausea
    3. This digestive enzyme – Similase Sensitive Stomach, which it want I orginally started out with it at the very beginning of my journey

    Slowly, I have started to do some things Bernie recommended again, like the similase gfcf, but never sure about that either, cholacol, the pleo’s I was never sure about, but only possibility found a couple that helped me (that always helped so much – it was my favorite ox bile supplement, even though I still have a gallbladder, b-vitamins (he recommended methyl-guard; however, possibility maybe it worked at times, other times, angry, possibility only an every other day thing I should take). Then, I am trying to adpot different adoptegens to keep me going again, too.

    This is so hard. I did turn in my 2 weeks notice yesterday at work, as I am doing Christmas craft fairs again, realizing I need to get my weight back up, and watch want I eat, and eat in a relaxed atmosphere, and get sleep! I need to figure out my routinue. It is just so hard to balance!!!!!!! I can get too revved up at times.

    Now, I am finding myself, having anxiety attacks, crying, alternate sweating/chills, and not sleeping, taking lots of melatonin to help, but then have to pee all night! Nothing is right! It all plays down to adrenals, digestion, cortisol!

    I am hoping by taking some time off again, I can focus on these issues, and get back started in life next spring! So, I can keep a daily journal, what was right, what was wrong, eat comfortable, be relaxed, and rest when I don’t feel good. I never liked my hours at work, 12-4, and was never hungry before work, and sort of starve, then come home ravenous, but tired. I feel like I have to be alone to eat anymore. I can’t eat with my partner, afraid of a binger, restricting, or using nicotine. There always seem to be something missing after my meal. This one supplement really helps ends my meal, carbcrave complex by pure encapsulations.

    I did read this one book by Julia Ross called “The Diet Cure.” I realized all the things I have done in my life, either through alcohol, nicotine, digestion, etc. related to amino acids and blood sugar, probably due to my history of anorexia, too.

    How can I supply my body with the right vitamins again, should I take food-based vitamins, like megafood to handle things better. Which anti-fungals should I take, probiotics, because I have seen things help, digestion, etc.?

    I know I can’t have too much sugar, and try natural sugar at times, or only eat fruit on a empty stomach. Also, I know I need the protein to keep cravings at bay, and sustain blood sugar. I need so much help!

    Anyone else, please chime in, how to get my life balanced and get over this. I want old self back, and a little pep back in my life!!!!!


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    I don’t have much advice to offer really except it sounds like you should maybe think about your liver.

    Your liver is one of the most important organs and ties together a variety of things that you might be dealing with.

    I also think maybe you are overthinking everything and getting too stressed and might just want to make things simple again.


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