Help! Pain in Chest/Upper stomach every time I eat – why/how to stop?

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    Hi. I recently started the Candida Diet and have been on it approximately 2 weeks. I’ve experienced the typical die-off symptoms and recently have felt ok. My appetite has diminished a great deal and I only eat a limited amount of foods as I don’t like a lot of what the diet consists of and am still learning what I can eat. However, I have been eating ok, even in small portions, mainly chicken, eggs, beef, and plain yogurt (and lots of water). Also some string beans. Not exactly perfect but definitely a change from how I used to eat. I should note that I was not a typical Candida sufferer, but wanted to clear out the bad bacteria out of my body and cleanse my system and eat better for another medical problem. (I ate very poorly).

    Now suddenly, every time I eat, I get pains in my upper chest, under my sternum, all the way across. It feels very full, almost like gas or bloating. I take a gas-x pill which helps a little, but it does not diminish the problem. I don’t know why this is happening. Is this part of the die-off symptoms? It lasts a long time and happens no matter what I eat, or how much I eat (minus the yogurt). Would constipation be a cause of this too? I only ask that because I have not had a movement but did have some diarehha. I don’t know why this suddenly began because I had been eating ok and the same foods.

    Can someone PLEASE advise as to any thoughts on this? I did start the diet right away so did I shock my system too much? What can I do to fix this? It is so uncomfortable that I don’t want to eat but I need to obviously to get nourishment into my body before my metabolism totally stops and so I can function.

    PLEASE HELP!! Thanks!
    PS. Right before this started I was mainly eating the chicken and string beans.


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    Pain you describe can be caused by heartburn. Do you have any heartburn symptoms? Do you feel you have excess acid in your stomach? It is possible that you have a so called “silent heartburn” which is not really felt as acidity, but does cause the pain. I had it, and sometimes antacids help. The pain can be very strong. Poor digestion, constipation all contribute to it as it pushes onto the stomach.

    Try to take an antacid and see if the pain goes away. If it does, than this is probably it. If it doesn’t go see your doctor.

    If you want to improve your diet, you should definitely include more veggies. Eating just meat and string beans is not good enough nutrition wise.

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