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    Hi All,

    Im in stage 1 and am struggling like crazy to keep my weight. My metabolism is naturally fast and it seems that no matter how much I eat, I shed weight!

    Any tips on veges which can help to maintain weight during stage 1 would be appreciated, and advice like “eat more calories than you burn” isnt that helpful im afraid! 😉


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    I’m in a constant battle with trying to maintain/gain weight and it’s not easy. I’d recommend baking some coconut/teff/buckwheat/millet bread and eating two/three slices a day, along with large portions of veggies for lunch or dinner. Oat bran for breakfast helps a little, as well as consuming olive oil. Maybe have some buckwheat groats with your veggies a couple times a week too. Just try to eat as much as you can during the day.


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    “Eat more calories than you burn” is pretty much it though. You initially lose up to 1kg of water weight if you’ve gone very low-carb, which won’t be recovered without refilling glycogen stores. You’ll continue to lose mainly lean mass if your protein intake isn’t adequate. Fat loss will be less significant, so you’ll gradually turn to jelly.

    Since protein and fat are much more satiating than carbs, and vegetables are filling too, it’s very easy to eat a lot less than you usually would, and this is one reason low-carb diets are purported to work. In terms of calorie-for-calorie effectiveness, macronutrient ratios make little difference in dieting, and faddy diet guru claims are BS. Protein will help you maintain a decent body composition and too many carbs will increase hunger though.

    So, eat more! If your metabolism is burning more calories, you have to give it more calories. If vegetables fill you up quickly, give more space on your plate to fat/protein instead.


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    There’s a thread already started on this subject.

    Weight Loss – how can I stop it?

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    Try your best to eat 3-4 course meals. Certain foods such as teff, chicken sausage, coconut milk, coconut oil, pumpkin, etc. are very good for weight gain. Have you tried the forum’s bread recipes? These can aid in weight gain as well.

    I personally lost a lot of weight initially on the diet; I went from 155 pounds to 135, and now I probably weigh close to 160 pounds. Your body uses a lot of resources to fight candida…and as it becomes less taxing, you will have more energy to store away for later.



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    And I just thought I was getting a bit chubby. My trick is to eat a lot of fat. Lots of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil together with my antifungal drops, Mayonaise made of Olive Oil, Mustard powder, Eggs, Lemon, Onions and Spices. I cook whipped egg in the oven with lots of Sesame Seed Oil (it’s delicious and crispy), makes buckwheat or coconut bread of Ghee, eggs and flour, adds extra Ghee to about everything I eat and cook my dinner in Oil. Wow … No wonder I’m getting chubby.

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