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    Ok so I was all ready to start the Candida diet, hoping to start shortly after new years. I’ve been gradually stocking up on supplies (coconut oil, Vit C etc etc) and mentally readying myself. Sounds dumb but I was so excited to start!!

    But.. (sorry this is long!)
    I had the flu in November, followed by extreme tiredness then a cold a couple of weeks later. I went to the Dr who took bloods and found my iron to be very low. So, I had an iron injection. The next day, I had a tooth which was broken (but NOT abcessed)removed. This was on Christmas Eve (yes terrible timing!). It was a good easy clean extraction and at first paracetamol worked well. However a few days later I developed a dry socket which became so painful I started taking codeine and ibuprofen (dentist prescribed) along with the paracetamol. Ouch. About a week later, I developed a nasty gum infection and put on antibiotics. A few days later I was no better, in fact worse, so went to my Dr. I was put on a second additional lot of antibiotics. My gum healed. However a day or so after my gum healed the lymph nodes behind my ear grew huge and swollen and I developed a high fever. Back to the Dr and she is convinced the actual nodes are infected and I have been put on a third lot of antibiotics.
    I’ve had bloods taken and I am waiting for the results and I went to the naturopath today to get a herbal tincture made up to strenghten my immunity and adrenal glands. I told her of my plans to start the candida cleanse and she agreed that although it would definitely need to be done to wait a while as my body will not cope well with the die off. This makes sense to me, and I plan to start on 7th Feb (my sons will be back at school/kindy then – it is summer here). However my Dr (who is usually open minded towards natural therapies) said no way, not with the state of my immunity. She said just changing my diet will be enough. I eat pretty healthily anway but have always had problems with craving carbs and sugar.

    I have psoriasis and suffer migraines and have done since the birth of my children (eldest is 6 in April). I also have PCOS. I have suffered from many candida symptoms since I was a child and have spent so much time researching and really felt hopeful about doing the cleanse. I was planning to do the vege only cleanse for a week, with warm water/ lemon juice and then move onto the strict diet. I have vitamin C, epsom salts for baths to help with the die off etc etc. I have the herbs and probiotics (which i am also taking now). I am all ready to go.

    However I am a solo mum, my 2 boys rely on me solely. These past two weeks while I’ve been sick they have been staying between my mum who has taken time off work and my brother. I really can’t afford to get sick again, so while I understand that I won’t be well during the cleanse during the die off and headaches etc.. I thought it would be manageable. This is why I planned to start once they are back at school – plus it gives me a few weeks for my body to heal. But the Dr thinks it will be dangerous to put my immune system under so much strain again 🙁 I think in the long run it will benefit my body and improve my immunity!

    Of course I will reevaluate the situation once I get my blood test results back. But I am leaning towards giving myself a few weeks then attempting the cleanse as per the naturopaths advice.

    What would you ladies/guys do?


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    when I read your story I thought about my die-off. I too had candida my entire life and I am sure that if I would be you I would strengthen my immune system with herbs.
    I also recommend that you reinforce your body with adaptogenic herbs such as Siberian ginseng, Echinacea, Stinging Nettle, Astragalus, Ashwagandah. Then you should buy Molybdenum against the die-off.

    Start with the diet here on the forum. Take the herbs and the Molybdenum that will be plenty to start with. After the initial die-off has died down you should start with powerfull probiotics. These too are strong antifungals. That is the next step in marching forward but not getting into too much of a war and a too big a burden in die-off. The next step would be introducing antifungals like SF722 or oil of oregano etc. But If I would be you I would have a soft start as that is plenty of a killer for the candida already.



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    You could just start the diet if you wanted and take some basic vitamins, etc. The thing is you mentioned re-occurring colds. Almost all of these are probably related to candida overgrowing again and again causing the cold symptoms. If you want to permanently stop having colds/illnesses, the candida diet can do this!

    Additionally, you mentioned a weak immune system. Almost everyone here on the forum has a weak immune system so you are no different than any of us in that regards. The diet will strengthen your immune system and you will become stronger than before.

    I don’t understand why you want to wait; you could start feeling better within a few weeks (possibly) once you start the diet. It will take a very long to fully heal, as long as 6-18 months quite possibly. However, you will become a new person, a person who is strong and feels much much better in general!

    The antibiotics are not helpful for fighting candida because they stand for “against life.” They destroy both the beneficial and bad flora in the gut, causing a flora imbalance. The only way to reverse this is through the use of probiotics which stand for “pro life.” This will be the single most important thing you will need to recover in the long term.


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