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    Help! My husband and I moved to Vietnam four months ago, and ever since my candida has been CRAZY due to the processed/sugary foods here. I was a whole foodist, mostly vegan before I left, and here I feel I have to eat what I can get, which is usually processed or unknown ingredients. As far as “healthy” foods go, I am limited to fruits and veggies found in Vietnam – tropical fruits, some apples/oranges (imported), cucumber, zucchini, beets, squashes I don’t recognize, yams (sweet Japanese yams), cabbages, leeks, papaya, bell peppers, carrots, and various greens and herbs. I can’t find anything as far as unrefined flours or foods other than plain brown rice, and the only healthy oil around is olive oil. I have found sunflower and flax seeds at an import store, but no other seeds or nuts that will work for candida. The only stevia I can find is primarily maltodextrin, but maybe it will be better than honey? The honey is much sweeter here than back home also. Any ideas? The stress of moving really hampered my eating habits, and if we eat out (the cheapest option) it is all white bread, white rice, or rice noodles/paper, and sadly sugar is in everything – even the plain yogurt has sugar in it.
    I have a hard time planning without food ideas in place, but I need something to help my candida – I have even resorted to taking fluconazole for it once when it was unbearable, but it caused a lot of stomach issues since.
    If anyone can look at these ingredients and give me any suggestions it would be SO helpful… it kind of makes me want to pack up and go back home 🙁


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    Can you order things online? I just moved from the US to Europe and has everything I need for my diet if I can’t find it locally. delivers internationally.


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    You can order food through online from your near by countries so that you can cook food as per your wish.

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