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    I have honestly never written on any forum before, but I do feel desperate at this point. I have been experiencing dizziness for over a year now. I have been to countless doctors who basically say they don’t know what to do for me.

    A little background: I am 29 years old, and have a 2 yr old. I had a c-section. After the little one was born, my husband was moved to the night shift and I travelled about 50 miles for work (one way). Needless to say, I was stressed out, no sleep and was eating my emotions. I gained a lot of weight and at the beginning of 2014 started dieting to get the pounds off (I was about 40 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight). I started one of those diets that delivers the meals to your door and lost about 5lbs. Then I went on an “all fruit” cleanse a few times. All the while I was still very stressed out and anxiety-ridden. By the time my child had reached 1 year old, I’d lost about 15 lbs and my husband went back on day shift. I thought things were started to get better. That’s when the dizziness started.

    Diabetes runs high in my family, but my AC1 levels are normal and my sugar levels are fine. I am insulin resistant though. One of the top neurologist in the huge city next to me, told me it was just stress and tried to put me on anti-depressants. One doctor told me I was “sugar intolerant” which I still don’t completely understand. ENT has said there is nothing wrong with my ears, so no vertigo.

    I have been able to go a little time without dizziness when I was doing crossfit for about 6 wks, but as soon as I quit, the dizziness returned.

    So I went to this doc who has helped me in the past. She was the one who diagnosed me with insulin resistance and high levels of Epstein-Bar virus. So, I’m working on treatments for those and thought “here’s my diagnosis.. Finally!” But nothing has helped the dizziness.

    Heres what makes no sense to me, no matter what I eat I’m dizzy. Since she has diagnosed me with insulin resistance, I have lost 15 pounds BUT IM STILL DIZZY! And when I say dizzy, I mean “drunk feeling” . If I eat boiled eggs, I get dizzy. If I eat grapes or bananas I get dizzy. I was eating green beans the other day and I was getting dizzy.

    Side note: I say “getting dizzy” but it’s more of a constant and gets worse when I eat. Not 2 hrs after I eat, immediately.

    And this past week, I cut all carbs out of my diet and my body went crazy! My muscles started spamming like crazy, my face broke out, the “drunken dizziness” intensified. I looked up my symptoms and they were very closely related to the “die-off” mentioned for Candida. As soon as I ate a piece of bread, I felt 10 times better. I think if it was insulin resistance causing me to be dizzy, I would have a different reaction from bread.

    does this sound like it could be Candida? I really don’t want to try this very restrictive diet unless I know it can help.



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    Could be histamine intolerance.  Eating the bread to make the symptoms go away kinda sounds like a yeast problem too.

    Its hard to say what is going on but I would consider getting a diagnosis and then go from there.


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