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    Hi all,
    I’m just looking for a few bits of advice because I’m at a loss as to what to do!
    Here’s my situation:
    I’ve been suffering now for 6months and just discovered it’s candida after been relentlessly told it was ibs! I’ve started the cleanse option 2 and I’m now on day 4. It is killing me! I’m starving and I’ve not managed to go to the toilet for the 4 days. I was under the impression it helped you discard the dead candida! So after no bowel movement and feeling starving I’m questioning whether to just jump to phase 1? I’m happy to complete the cleanse if I know it’s of benefit but if it doesn’t make much difference I’m not enjoying it!
    I go on holiday in 4 weeks and really want to feel better and not look 9 months pregnant!
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks a million!!


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    How are you doing now?

    I think you are doing the diet backwards. You start with phase 1 and then go to phase 2. Try the recipes in the forum to eat food more regularly. Also you can eat lots of eggs, which can help gain weight.

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