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    Hi everyone, I have not posted on here in a long time, and so many things have happened in my life.  I’ll try to keep this short.

    I believe some of my candida symptoms have returned after a case of pneumonia in December, and then I had to be a 2 rounds of antibiotics just to get better.  My left chest was hurting so bad, and they did find blockage in there.  It was tough being sick, and then doing my holiday craft fairs at the same time.

    Also, I felt my mood was getting better before that case of pneumonia.  However, at the same time, my partner, who is trying to quit smoking, uses those e-cigarettes.  I liked smelling the flavors of some of them, and though, oh, well, they make 0’s, so maybe I can try those.  Then, I started to moving ones with nicotine, and I liked the way I felt sometimes.  Then, I became addicted!

    Now, I am trying all in my will power to quit these awful things, as I realized they were bothering my stomach (probably due to gastroparesis) and hurting my lungs.  However, I found other alternative.  Nicotine logenzes, because I was going through withdrawals, and I don’t know how to stop them.  I want to so bad, but it is hard.  Any advice in this area?  Also, I think I liked how they suppressed my appetite at times because, sorry Raster, I like Bernie, but some things I’m not sure I agree with him, I’ll get into later.  So, if I felt bad, the nicotine was sort of my rescue to relax and forget about pain I was having, possibility from die-off.  Plus, I think the nicotine, like I said with appetite, as I became afraid to take supplements, fearing the way I would feel, just wouldn’t eat a lot, so then my eating disorder came back, too.

    I have been trying to find ways to forgo the nicotine and boost my mood again, but it is still hard, or find ways to forgo the cravings.  Anyone have any experience in this area?

    Well, now, I have been feeling better from time to time, and I stopped consulting with Bernie for quite some time until this past Tuesday.

    I went back in January to an integrative doctor that I could meet in person a couple hours away.  What I liked about her, is that she helped me focus also on meditation, cortisol levels, etc., as I believe that is the root cause of candida problems at times; however, digestion does have state in that, too.

    Lately, I have been doing a lot of praying to God, started going to church, and asking him to help me find my true purpose in life.  I have found the answer to that, but now I got to get the energy again, as I have lost weight from being sick, scared to eat at times with supplements I know that help, and trying to improve my mood!  It is so hard to balance things in my life because I either stimulate myself mentally or digestion-wise too much or not enough!

    These are things that the Integrative Doctor recommends:

    1. Bio-zyme (enzyme) – does help with inflammation, great for protein digestion, if too much might get too many bowel movements, don’t have a colon – yes, gastroparesis and no colon

    2. Panplex – 2 (enzyme) – love that it has ox bile, and I feel I need just a little at each meal; however, if I get too much ox bile, then I can go into diarrhea or excessive gas mode.  I was recently diagnosed with some gallstones, and probably due to the gastroparesis, without, can get indigestion, and have trouble digesting fats.  Does anyone have recommendations on how to balance that?

    3.  Probiotic Immune, Super Milk Thistle X, Yeast Formula, Cortisol Manager, Lavender (started trying some oils), L-glutamine (if over stimulate too much, then feel I have to overdose on this)

    All these things are from Integrative Therapeutics

    She has helped me a lot, but there is still some things that are holding me back, as I am trying to improve me mood.

    I did remember Bernie helping me with homeopathetics before after the integrative doctor mentioned cell salts before, and trying some products from Native Remedies, as I noticed they were helping me.

    The integrative doctor definitively helped with bowel movements, but I still can’t get a balance.

    But what I didn’t like is she wasn’t helping me on figuring out other problems I am having right now:

    1. Certain days get water retention, swelling has gone down in ankles, but is getting better, as I am realizing more things

    2. Headaches, shakiness

    3. Trying to figure out the right vitamins to take – I like taking b complex vitamins, but I can way to over-stimulated sometimes

    4. I’ve realized the power of herbs, and in certain teas, how they help with concentration, etc., but had to figure it out myself

    5. Different homeopathetic remedies to help with symptoms – this is what I liked about Bernie

    6.  She just kept saying focus on breathing, relaxing, to get over nicotine.

    7.  Everything is just so hard!

    So, people that see Bernie, I tried some pleo’s again, and noticed a couple helping, but then yesterday, felt very constipated, and took my bio-zyme, and felt better, but right side still hurt last night.  I think that is other reason why I use the nicotine logenzes at times, which I know is contributing to my anxiety worse.

    It just seems between her advice and some of Bernie advice, that both have great advice, and I have to mix the 2, and I don’t think Bernie realizes that.  It is hard to follow a certain protocol for me, as I got 2 issues going on, gastroparesis and no colon.

    I guess, there is 2 things I want to address right now, getting off nicotine, and how to balance the peace within my body.  What should I do?  I have had less bloating, and realizing the ins and outs of certain things, but I can get too many bowel movements at times.

    Anyone just chime in, pleo’s, how to get off nicotine, enzymes to take, etc.?  How to support my liver/gallbladder?  B-vitamins?  How to balance the peace in my body?

    I do like the integrative doctor helped me realize that I do feel better when I fulfill my true calling in life, and I think that is what is going to make me feel better.  One day, I want to do my crafts/bake full-time.  I went to down the career choice.  Thanks everyone!

    Finally, I think there is a correlation when you get symptoms of candida now, when you get sick.  I got bad after I had a case of mono, and then relapsed again when I got pneumonia.



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    I quit smoking with the help of some homeopathics, so maybe consult bernie on those if possible.  The first 2 days are the worst.


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