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    Hello All,

    I just came across the site today. For the last two years I have been struggling with fatigue. A lot of symptoms have come and gone, with some still persisting, muscle & joint pain, brain fog, dizziness, muscle twitches, bad digestions (a lot of wind), I do have cracks in my tongue and some athlete’s foot too, oh and I’ve had problems with mild depression, sleep and panic/anxiety.

    I’ve been to the doctor so many times over the last two years, but they didn’t help at all, and eventually when I paid for some private tests for common viruses there wasn’t any useful results.

    Just over two weeks ago I met with a nutritionist and he has recommended a diet for dysbiosis as well as some energy supplements to help the adrenals etc. I did an adrenal stress index and they were working, but if anything on the high side – so producing more than normal range cortisol – it’s called adaptive response. (note the sample was on a relaxing day).

    Having spoken to the nutritionist and been reading this site I think it could be candida… I’m very thankful to the nutritionist and I’m quite excited about potentially finding a solution..

    Anyway, I started the nutritionist recommended diet a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve already been through sugar withdrawal and seem to be in the process of a lot of what sound like ‘die off’ symptoms… I’ve made the mistake of not drinking much water some days, so I think I’m making the process quite difficult for myself..

    Here is my current meal plan, I’d really appreciate any comments you have:

    – Lamberts Probiotic (10 billion)
    – Porridge with milk
    – Viridian Phyto Nutrient Multivitamin
    – 250mg Magnesium

    Mid Morning Snack
    – Protein drink (Reflex natural whey – no additives)
    – Decaf / Green tea

    – Work canteen – meat or fish plus vegetables (definitely not organic or good quality)
    – Pau D’Arco team with Coconut oil

    Mid Afternoon Snack
    – Handful of nuts (mixed)
    – Handful of coconut flakes

    – Meat or fish plus vegetables (usually green beans / broccoli/ spinach / sweetcorn
    (or sometimes Omelette)

    Before bed
    – Magnesium 500mg
    – Pau D’Arco tea

    I’ve pretty much been sticking to it, but my weakness is that I have been sometimes having a ‘breaded fish’ or a ‘meat pie’ rather than pure fish or meat and I have on average a small cup of white rice per day, are those game breakers?

    If anyone has time, my actual food diary is on my website here, click the link ‘food-diary’ to view, I really appreciate any comments. http://alexroan.com/food-diary/

    I’m not perfect so far, but I used to eat chocolate every day and lot’s of carbs, so I think I’m making big steps 🙂

    Hope everyone else here is making good progress and seeing benefits.



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    Hello, Alex, welcome to the forum.

    If the foods shown on the food chart are what you are eating now, this isn’t going to work I’m afraid. You’re constantly feeding the Candida with foods such as carrot juice, rice, hash browns, and possibly the porridge (depending on what you use in the recipe).
    Other foods that are definitely slowing your progress are ham, pork sausage, and beef. There are other items which are questionable because I have no idea what they contain.

    If you want to follow a protocol which has been proven to work, read the following posts.

    The Forum’s Protocol




    Topics: 6
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    Hi Able900,

    Thank you for the quick feedback. I’m going to go through the links you sent tonight and re-plan. At least I’m heading in the right direction I guess.

    Appreciate the help. I kind of new a couple of the things I had were bad, but wasn’t sure about everything, so that’s useful for me.


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