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    dr divarum
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    Hello. I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I tried the candida diet a couple months back after living in a damp, gross, black mold-infested apartment for ten months, started feeling great, then had a long and massive relapse thanks to holiday sweets and what have you. Well, I decided to start again on Feb 2 and have stuck much more strictly to the guidelines than I had last time. I also quit smoking weed and doing any other substances (sugar, caffeine, and anything harder than those. weed makes me eat EVERYTHING and then some).

    The first few days were very rough then my joints, muscles, back…everything started feeling better. My anxiety and brain fog have been improving in spite of mild die-off symptoms (Molybdenum chelated is a godsend) and insane carb cravings (I smelled buttered toast two days ago and it made my knees buckle). Yesterday and last night confirmed my leaky gut I think. I ordered a chicken salad grilled at McD’s with no cheese, chip strips, or dressing. All three were on there and I got paged for a delivery run right after receiving it so I just tossed the cheese and strips off and dealt with the little bit of dressing they so generously put on there for me. My belly was swollen for three hours after and my back didn’t feel to great either. I had to eat or I was going to pass out at the wheel. My body has been burning fuel like crazy lately it feels like. The awful sinus infection I got days into the diet (from not smoking?) probably isn’t helping. It’s way better now.

    Then last night when I got home there was a big fresh bowl of spicy sausage cheese dip left over from Superbowl. I caved…it was effing delicious. This morning however my diminishing B.O. and tongue film both have returned and my back is a little stiffer and I don’t feel as great. I still feel better than before, just took a step backwards. I did NOT eat the bonbons however! I also can gauge that my inflammation is a little higher than usual today by clasping my hands together and feeling how much pressure it puts on my fingers.

    Honestly the black mold poisoning I got from my old place was a blessing in disguise even though it was essentially hell not knowing what was wrong for so long. It brought all of my symptoms to a head and I HAD to figure out what was wrong or I would have probably ended up offing myself. I’ve had candida issues since living in a finished basement when I was 10 I’m starting to realize. I started having trouble getting up in the morning from then on and I was always a morning person before that.

    Anyhoo, I gotta eat my farm fresh eggs and avocado and turnip greens omelette now. I hope this forum and the information within can help me on my journey. I wish the best of luck to you beautiful people as well!


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    You have yeast overgrowth. I wrote this already but I know you don’t know what is wrong with you and are looking for the solution. Worst part for me was not knowing what was wrong with me. I finally figured it all out. Diahrrea. 15 times a day -white tongue and sinus problems and brain fog all come from one problem “YEAST” in bread like buttered toast. Its not the bread its the yeast in the bread or donuts or submarine sandwiches what’s. Making you sick. Blood tests and doctors and colonoscopy cannot detect yeast overgrowth is yeast eating your intestinal walls which eats holes in your intestines walls and is leaky gut syndrome that causes chrons and ulcerative colitis which are ulcers caused by yeast. Find a lab that does yeast tests and you will find your answer for rest of your life. I cannot touch yeast buckles my knees and makes me vomit. I was full of yeast . I stopped yeast diahrrea stopped next day a year ago and never came back. A yeast test will be the best investment in your life. You will know for sure your problem and can learn to deal with it. I eat all kinds of rice barley corn bread. You have to stop yeast or you’re on the way of having your colon removed

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