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    I’m on my third day of the cleanse and I ended up in bed last night with a migraine. I started today alright but I’m only a few hours in and I’m headed in the same direction. I have hours before I can go to bed. Can I take something for it? Like excedrine migraine? Please I need help soon.


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    Sure you can! There is no reason to suffer. Again the cleanse is optional you can make it your own. And headache meds are not going to derail you.


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    If you are taking fungicides, then they may be causing it. They were a problem for me, so we had to work to find a couple that my body could tolerate.

    Of course during the first month of the diet I had one a week, which was a result of the die-off/diet. Was amazing how much clearer my head would be after the headache as it killed off the candida.


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    If you can find some willow bark, you can make an herbal tea out of it. This is what they use to make aspirin.

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