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    I’ve bought myself some pumpkin, excited by the prospect of adding it to some buckwheat bread, and I can’t find it anywhere on the diet. Did I dream that it was acceptable?!



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    Pumpkin is one of those foods that’s “up in the air” so to speak. Some believe that it’s fine while others believe it causes the treatment to stall.
    I didn’t place it on the strict diet for the simple reason that, when testing it myself several times in the first three months, pumpkin caused the Candida symptoms to worsen. My reasoning is that, if it aggravated my infestation then it will some others as well.

    Test it or avoid it, it’s your choice.

    By the way, you may have seen ‘pumpkin’ in the recipe section in one of Raster’s recipes.



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    I concur with Able, test it in a small amount at first and see whether you get a reaction to it. Don’t forget that it contains sugar and starch, two things that’ll feed the candida. In very small amounts I can handle it, but whenever I tried to use a little more in a muffin recipe for example, I suffered a reaction to it. It’s off the menu for me for the time being.


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    Thanks, both.



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    One plus about pumpkin is how anti-inflammatory it is:


    The single most important thing you need to do while on the diet is lower the inflammation while replenishing the gut with new healthy bacteria. Anti-inflammatory foods are one of the ways to do this…

    If you make the pumpkin pie muffin bread, the starch and sugar content is spread across the various slices you eat and should not be very much net starch or sugar per day.

    Everyone has different allergies so treat it as a test food item.


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