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    Hello everyone-
    I have learned SO MUCH from the wealth of knowledge here on the Forum and wanted to thank everyone who has contributed to this amazingly helpful resource! To Able & Raster (and many others!) my complete gratitude for sharing the tools that have helped you heal from the hellishness of candida overgrowth. It has really inspired me to read through the success stories here. I’ve been feeling at my wit’s end-SO exhausted and depressed from feeling sick for so long…and I’m happy to say that the info here has given me hope!

    I’m here-ready to make some serious changes in my life-enough is enough. I just lost my maternal aunt to serious health issues (blood sugar/kidney issues) which I am sure were caused by or at the very least exacerbated by years of eating a highly processed/starchy/sugar laden diet. This has always been the norm in the family and this has been a very sobering ‘wake up call’ for me. I’m on the same path with pre-diabetes and a raging candida overgrowth.

    I’ve become the perfect host for Candida-I ate ‘crap’ for years before I changed my eating habits for the better! Took many courses of antibiotics for reoccurring sinus infections in my 20’s and then sent it all over the final edge several years ago with spine surgery (was pumped full of antibiotics again.) Looking back-I’ve been dealing with candida symptoms for a good 20 years now! I’ve had constant skin issues (rashes, eczema, athlete’s foot), headaches, severe allergies (sinus issues, sore throat, watering/itching eyes…) stomach/intestine cramping, constant colds & flu-like symptoms…the list goes on & on! Not that I’d wish this on anyone! But it gives me hope that I’m not alone in this! I really appreciate all of the info here on the forum-feeling a little more empowered tonight!! Thanks!

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