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    I am new to the Anti-Candida diet. I may go a bit crazy on the form, so I apologize ahead of time for the length of question.

    Fist, I have had issues for the last 8 years. This includes dizziness, fatigue, ear pressure, loss of hearing that comes and goes, ringing in the ears, sleep problems, heart palpitations, seeing spots (ocular migraines), headaches, neck pain, fibro symptoms, reflux, burning mouth, foggy brain, indigestion, bloating, vision disturbances. Im sure there are some that I missed, but those are the most bothersome. Also my saliva PH was 6.0-6.5

    Not a single Dr. has been able to tell me what is wrong. From MRI’s to CAT scans, to ENT and exploritory inner ear surgery. Everyone wants to give me beta blockers, sleeping pills, reflux meds, some kind of dizzy medication and pain killers.

    I am not a pill taker, however when I do take IB profin, I do have decreased dizziness, and pressure and popping in my ears.

    I was diagnosed with TMJ also. I started this diet before buying the book (I have since bought the book). During this time I removed ALL grains and ate nothing but leafy greens and meats (before I knew what I was doing). I also started taking probiotics. During my little quest after day 3 the fog lifted and some of the pressure was gone, my anxiety attacks were gone and all the bloating went away and I even experienced die off. I actually forgot about not eating pastas and had a small portion of them and about an hour later my head plugged up, I got very dizzy, exhausted, and all around crappy (no tummy issues though). My conclusion to that is that i ate gluten and I have a gluten intolerance. I have tested that theory a few times since. Tried eating gluten free bread and no reaction. Ate a piece of Pecan pie on Thanksgiving…same reaction. So my first question. Is this a gluten sensitivity even though I do not have bowel issues?

    Now I quit taking the probiotics because I now know I had been doing it all wrong anyway. Since then the reflux has came back full force, so have the feminine yeast issues. The problem I have at this moment is that NOONE believes me, a Dr doesnt recognize it and I would love to be able to be monitored on this diet so that I do not overload the liver and Kidneys. Since I can not find a person to help me, i am trying to ween out the causes of my issues.

    I have been researching for weeks and doing it hours a day. I hate to self diagnose, but I feel that there is no one out there able to help me.

    With the TMJ it is my understanding that the ear popping, ringing, pressure, dizziness etc can cause those symptoms.

    I plan on starting the anti-candida diet full swing on Monday morning with the detox stage. Going to do this thing right.

    Has anyone else ever had any kind of issues like these or am I really crazy? How were you able to find a Dr or professional to help you?


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    Check out the candia5 test for diagnosis. Its cheap and easy.

    What is TMJ?

    As far as gluten is concerned, I don’t react to it. However what I notice is that I feel like crap a few days later and have a variety of bad symptoms. I am pretty convinced I am celiac but don’t want to do the testing due to costs, but basically with celiac, your body attacks your small intestine and then you don’t absorb nutrients. Then over time you can develop all sorts of symptoms such as your teeth enamel dissappearing (without cavities) and hair loss, etc., achy joints, poor digestion, etc.

    So I am avoiding gluten for a long long time now after pigging out on it during thanksgiving break (ate oat bran and some wheat). I used to react to wheat and gluten a bit more, so am doing better…



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    There are holistic doctors out there that treat people for Candida issues. You just have to know where to find them. Here is a search page:

    Functional Medicine Practioner Search

    I hardly made any progress until I found a holistic doctor to help me.



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    Wow, my recent history has been very very similar to yours. Bear with me and I’ll explain..

    I suddenly fell ill 3 years ago wth severe fatigue, severe anxiety (but no bowel issues like you). I remained like this for 2 years as Doctors were mystified, couldnt offer me any help apart from anti depressants.

    So then I went gluten free. Felt a difference instantly. The anxiety was so so much better. ( I also think I have a gluten intolerance). but I didn’t recover. I started having food reactions, and waited another year as doctors were still clueless and couldn’t offer any help.

    I went to a functional medicine doctor (only last month), and she instantly recognised my problems. Arrange some tests, and we discovered my candida problem as well as other stuff.

    So, yes there are other people who have had similar issues. And just to echo the last poster, go see a functional medicine practitioner! They’ll should be able to find out what’s wrong.

    Good luck, and don’t give up!

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