Has anyone had Diverticulitis Diagnosed that was actually Candida Infection?

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    First of all, I am seeing a Gastroenterologist, and he doesn’t believe at all, in the remote possibility of a yeast infection in the intestines. He even told me that the thrush in my mouth would go away on it’s own without treatment, if I could just wait.

    I was seen by a GP and treated for Diverticulitis, 10 days of cipro and Flagyl(sick as a dog all the time that I was on it) didn’t rid my pain, so he kept me on them for another 10, twenty days all total. Still had the pain. Refered to the Gastro-guy, they did a CT scan, and a Colonoscopy and said, there is still a little infection in the colon. Now 10 days of Augmentin. That didn’t help the pain either. They put me back on cirpo and flagyl and so sick, I had to stay home from work, and by the 6 the day started with dangerous reaction symptoms and had to stop. This all took place over a period of about four and a half months.

    About a week after this, with thrush so bad, it was awful, I started thinking yeast!! That is when I started reading. I went in to the Gastro doc and talked about it, to no avail. But all of my whining finally made them placate me with three days of 150 mg. fluconazole, on the fourth day, the sun began to shine again. I woke feeling better than I have in a long while. The tender painful area of my colon was still there, but not as bad as it was. I continued to feel better for the next few days. About 3 days after stopping the fluconazole, I bought Caprylic acid and have taken that for two days now.

    I am experiencing some stool evidence that I have read about, looking like seeds, but I have eaten no seeds. I feel like the specific area of pain is getting less and less. The docs are still of the mind that is is a bacterial infection (diverticulitis) and I have another CT scan set in a week. If they see something that says to them infection and inflammation they are going to recommend surgery! I have diverticulosis, no doubt about that. But diverticulitis(bacterial infection of the diverticulae), I am beginning to seriously doubt. I am right now, believing that I do have an infection in this particular area of the colon, but that it is yeast, not bacterial.

    I forgot to mention that I have also eliminated sugar and most gluten. I am not a big sugar eater to begin with, but as this all progressed I found myself eating sugar and sweets, like I never did before. I feel like that sugar craving that I was having is subsiding as well.

    My problem here is I am fully expecting them to find a problem that they perceive as bacterial infection, just because they don’t believe that it could be anything else, and they will recommend surgery. Then I have a decision to make. I am continuing with probiotics (I failed to say that I have been taking those all along), doctors do believe in those. I am continuing with the Caprylic acid, and the diet. But, I do still have the tender area in my colon, though it seems less painful than it was.

    That is my story to date.

    My question is: Has anyone had a specific painful area that doctors think is a bacterial infection, but it is Candida? I have felt so bad over all, and the 3 days of fluconazole has made a tremendous difference in that. Could I actually have a bacterial infection in the colon and Candida too, at the same time? Any insight would be very much appreciated. I just know that I am going to have to make a decision about a major surgery here, and there is no doubt in my mind that I am dealing with Candida. My question is am I dealing with both at the same time?

    The other question that I have is does anyone have the support of a doctor?????

    Thank you for listening.

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