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    Hi everyone I’m new here and I’m wondering whether the candida diet and the protocol of anti-fungals etc has actually cured anybody in the long-run. Or is it the case that people feel better while on the diet but as soon as they reintroduce foods the overgrowth is back? I’ve tried several different diets but never the candida one so I’m wondering whether it’s worth it even going on it. If it’s for a short period of time I could probably manage but it’s been a decade that I’m sick and I don’t have it in me to do this for the long run, especially not if I have to be on it forever. Would love to hear and appreciate your feedback!


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    Absolutely! The people who benefit the most from the diet are probably not the people that you usually see on the forum.

    Regarding reintroducing foods, I think the key is that you do make long term changes to your diet. Sugary foods are out, forever. That’s an unambiguously good thing for your health. And eating lots of veggies is a great thing too 🙂


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    I did a hard detox and really pushed alot out, the problem is rebuilding your gut flora, consider a FECAL MICROBIAL TRANSPLANT, lookup on youtube. May be the shortcut to success

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