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    Hi everyone,

    I’ll go straight to the point. I’ve been suffering with chronic sinitus, severe eye allergies, brain fog and more which have gotten worse in the last year up to this point.

    1 Year ago, after developing Rosacea, I tried the candida diet as I suspected this could of been the cause of my skin problems. I was previously on long term anti biotics for acne and I believed this disrupted my gut balance. After switching to the diet, I quickly got very bad die off symptoms – dizzy, foggy, I was nearly turning yellow and I felt horrible. So I stopped the diet and eventually found products to keep my Rosacea under control.

    Fast forward to a year later, my health has only gotten worse and worse. I got thrush which came and went and all the symptoms mentioned above which started really affecting me. I got a blood test done for candida which showed an elevated IgA score ( Any information on this would be helpful).

    So after this, I started the diet again. I am on week 4. I stick very closely to the phase 2 diet, take my probiotics and take anti-fungals. The problem is I am seeing very little improvement or even worsening of my symptoms. Yes, I experienced flu like symptoms, general fatigue but nothing like I experienced before when starting the diet and getting the severe die off.

    Does anyone know what this may indicate? Has the candida built more protection that it is harder to kill off? Is it normal to show no improvement in symptoms in the first 3-4 weeks? Maybe candida is not the problem. To note – this time around I’m taking Molybdenum Glycinate to help prevent the heavy die off but I still find it strange that I’m not feeling any different.

    Any help/advice is so appreciated.



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    It means what you are doing isn’t working. I would recommend more effective probiotics and antifungals and a good stronger detox plan. If you can detox the toxins, you’ll feel better in general. The antifungal I recommend most is SF722, and HMF neuro is probiotic I recommend. There are many ways to detox that I’ve written about on here. Professional level alternative health care professionals likely can tailor a plan for your symptoms.


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    Before upping the anti, may be good to consider that perhaps your liver needs a little attention/love. If you say you turned yellow when you started this then that’s a sure sign that the liver is overburdened. Increasing the anti-fungals may just make it worse. Perhaps you should consider trying some liver-nourishing herbs, such as milk thistle or dandelion (if you get the tea version you can drink this while doing your cleanse and that will sooth your symptoms as well, try adding some lemon). Also start with warm lemon water in the AM (first thing) and make sure you are not drinking chlorinated water if you can help it.

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