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    Today marks 12 weeks that I’ve been on this journey toward excellent health and ending the candida infestation that has reeked havoc on my GI system, sinuses, adrenal glands and immune system.

    I’m so grateful to share that I think I’m coming to a place where I can see the finish line in the distance. For the past two weeks I have felt so strong, and for the past four and a half weeks my digestive tract has worked at rock-star level. I totally believe that God healed my body in part through this diet combined with some Body Ecology principles of food combining. I’m sure the antifungals have been big helpers, too. I do have some small annoyance lingering symptoms {semi-clogged ears from sinuses — but, Able, you were right about the almond butter; cutting it out has helped SO much!}, but I am SO, SO much better.

    I wanted to say thank you so much to each person who has responded to my pleas and cries for help as well as give a hearty thanks to Able and Raster for the information on this forum. It’s greatly added to my healing. I hope to be able to contribute to others’ needs here, and I’m sure I’ll be here asking more questions at some point, too. I hope, too, that by writing this it will serve as encouragement to those in the dark, dreary places in the journey. It does seem to get worse before it gets better.

    And a last tidbit, we’re celebrating my mom’s 50th birthday tonight. I made almond and coconut flour cinnamon crumb cakes with stevia and ground vanilla beans that follow the guidelines for food reintroduction; it’s my first time trying almond flour, so wish me digestive success! Also, I only made one for me out of the regular batch so as to not overindulge on a test food. 🙂

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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    Great news Hy! Even though I feel much better than I have since this whole candida thing started, I’m not quite there yet but reading your post makes it closer for me 🙂 Good luck with the crumb cake! I’m sure it will be fine.

    Keep us posted on your progress. It feels great reading success stories and it does give me something to look forward when I don’t feel that great.



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    Congratulations, Hy. And many thanks for the note of gratitude as well.

    We’re really happy for you in that you’ve reached such a huge milestone in your treatment. You should know that it’s all thanks to you, because like I’ve stated before; we can offer all the advice in the world, but the end outcome is 100% up to each member on the forum, as all we can do here is type words.
    You’ve done a perfect job of sticking with it no matter how difficult it was at times, and speaking for myself, I am honored at having met so many people like you here on the forum.

    It says a lot about the character of a man or woman who can complete this difficult journey from sickness to health without the support of the medical community and without giving up.

    Sincerely, Able


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    Hy I am so happy for you!! Yaay! What great news! Thanks for posting this. I feel this might be a good time for me to thank Able, Raster, and anyone else that has responded to me or made a post on here. I am not healed but I just felt it was the time to make sure you all know how much I appreciate you guys! Able and Raster the time you place on this website answer questions does not go unnoticed, even though it may feel like that at times. You are making a difference with many people health. I can’t wait to be done with some parasite cleanse so I can get back to some more anti fungal regiment 😀
    Thank you all and love you all,


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    Thanks for your kind words, Arijana, Able and Lauren! Appreciate them so much!

    Looking forward to contributing this journey with the support of everyone here
    On the forum. Like Able said, it’s hard to go this road without the support of the medical community; this forum makes this lifestyle doable and even enjoyable.

    Also: reinteoduction seems successful so far but I’m treading forward with caution and waiting three more days to try another third of the cupcake I made. 🙂


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    Keep it up and there will be a day when you can eat “normal foods.”


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