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    I was wondering is it ok to eat ground turkey/chicken? Or do they put a bunch of nasty stuff in those?

    Also, on the strict diet, I noticed it says:
    “having only two servings of these two animal protein choices per week during the first month of stage one of the diet.”

    Does that mean we can have more after the first month?



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    Ground Turkey/Chicken is great.

    Try to find anti-biotic free or organic.

    I go through about 1-2 pounds of ground turkey a week. I could eat more if I wanted to with no problem.


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    Its up to you on whether to consume more meat or not. Ground turkey and chicken should be fine but keep in mind that you should get the stuff that is free range and hormone free.

    Otherwise you’ll be consuming the antibiotics found in the meat as well as the hormones and other junk, and this can set you back.


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