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    Hey guys, really sorry for the image I’m about to put in your minds.
    today I had a bowel movement that was covered in patches of white/grey fuzz. I’m wondering if that can be serious or if it’s just a common symptom of any old mycotixic state/candida state. How serious can this be or is it just part of this whole fungal/mold thing that I have to get rid of.

    Some additional symptoms I’ve had

    I’ve always had candida symptoms but 3 days ago they suddenly got worse. Right when they got worse, I also got sick with something that felt like a flu, but only hung around for one day (I never get the flu!). During that time I had sharp abdominal pains whenever I leaned forward that lasted only a few hours. Then today I had lower abdominal cramps. My more dramatic candida symptoms (falling asleep after a meal, waking up feeling sick, sleepy, and heavy in my stomach, and yeast infections) are reacting to things they previously did not react too starting 3 days ago also.

    I am currently not on a candida diet, i’m transitioning onto one. Over the last few days I’ve eaten vegetables, fruit, beans, fish and buckwheat.


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    Hello, Lettingo.

    I just read over all of your other posts, and I’m sorry to say that, in your particular case, it’s rather difficult to say exactly what the cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing. You’ve been on the forum since October 25, and if you had been on the diet since that time, I could say for certain that your symptoms are caused by die-off. However, you seemed to have had quite a problem staying with anything; I’m basing this on what you said just four days ago, that the longest you had stuck with it was 3 days. So considering all of this, I’ll have to say that your symptoms can be caused by either one of the following; you may be experiencing occasional die-off symptoms, or your infestation may be growing worse and you’re feeling the increasing Candida symptoms caused by the multiplying Candida in your system.

    In the end, it depends on the extent of dedication you’ve put into the protocol up to this point and exactly what you’ve eaten on the days that you broke the diet.


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