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    Priscilla Park
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    Hello there,

    I’m almost done with a 10 day water fast and will doing a candida cleanse for 7 days afterwards. I’m trying to decide whether I should do a green juice or smoothie cleanse. The smoothie sounds like a better idea since it has all the fiber, and so the fiber will help to flush out the small intestines & colon as well as some of the candida albicans.

    Would love to get your thoughts on this. There are soooo many opinions out there (curezone & beyond) on what cleanse is the best – it’s mind boggling!!

    Thanx in advance for your advice!


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    You’ve already completed the best cleanse as far as detoxing the body is concerned with the water cleanse. The answer to your question can depend on what you intend to put in the smoothie as there are different recipes around the Net.

    Also, the question, “Do you need to lose weight?” is important. Because if you don’t need to lose much weight or any at all, then you should probably go ahead and slowly start adding foods from the strict diet into your diet in order to avoid further weight loss.



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    The green smoothie is all the craze these days and I will say I was hooked as well but in the end it was the green smoothies that were making me worse not better. I would say you have to base your decision on your what your body needs right now. If you are a person who tends to be cold like cold hands and feet and adversion to cold water or temperatures than you might avoid that smoothie. You also might avoid it if you have weak digestion. Another reason to avoid is if you live in a cold climate as winter is aproaching and its time to stop eating lots of raw foods and fruits. Raw smoothies are cooling to the body and too much will weaken the digestive fire (what you need to kill candida) and your digestive system in general. As far as the oriental medicine books I have read most of your food at this point should be cooked.

    If you do decide to go for the smoothie make sure to clean the veggies with grape fruit seed extract or vinegar to kill any parasites or bacteria before eating. And it is critical to chew not swallow the smoothie as it needs to mix with your saliva to be digested.

    I know a lot of people thrive on Raw foods diets – I tried it for a year- but there is a time and place for raw foods and over doing it during candida cleansing may not be a good idea in my opinion. Listen to Able he’s the expert. Clearning candida is not a race so I would take it easy on the fasting and flushes. You dont want to weaken your body.


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