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    Greek Yoghurt has been mentioned numerous times by different people. I was wondering whether the ingrediants in the US differ anyway from the UK. It is obvious a dairy product and here in the UK it also contains some sugar which I am trying to avoid. Is it made differently in the USA?

    In addition I have tried to spot differences between natural and greek youghurt and not spotted any, antbody know?


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    The differences come in what each company may or may not add to the yogurt. Our Greek yogurt here in the states contains no added sugar, so it only contains about 9 grams of sugar per serving. Just look at the ingredients in the ones you have in the UK and compare. The sugar in the unsweetened yogurt is naturally occurring, and does not interfere with the Candida treatment. The ingredients on ours reads:
    “Grade A pasteurized skimmed milk, live active yogurt culture.”
    It may or may not list the names of the bacteria in the yogurt.

    Greek yogurt is creamier than regular natural yogurt and normally stronger as far as taste and the number of bacteria.



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    To clarify on able’s post; greek yogurt comes in different grades and quality. The cheap/lower quality brands may contain more sugar, upwards to 18-25g per serving. The more expensive/better brands contain less sugar; between 7-13g per serving.

    All greek yogurt should contain live probiotic cultures which is beneficial to healing.

    I thought that my local health food store sold 90%+ organic products, however they do not have organic greek yogurt! I was pretty bummed to learn this…thought it was organic all along! I would love to find a place that sells organic greek yogurt in my state but I think it doesn’t exist.


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