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    The diet and protocol are very explicit about red meat. Obviously we have to take into account three things about the beef.

    1. Antibiotics – feed lot cattle are fed antibiotics. This is not only a health concern immediately for victims of Candida and other bacterial issues, but it is a concern for the future evolving genetics of the bacteria in general.

    2. Grain fed – you might as well be eating grains.

    3. Ammonia – ammonia makes the body a very habitable place and is generally available in beef.

    What about slow grown, grass fed, grass finished and antibiotic free beef? (Aka you know the breeder). Are the ammonia levels still too high in this beef? Has anyone had any experience adding grass fed beef into their diet?


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    Ammonia is created by the breaking down of proteins in meat, especially beef.
    There are no ammonia levels in beef to begin with, because it’s a by-product.

    Regardless of the source, beef is going to have ammonia created during digestion.
    It can be made easier to digest by tenderising, marinading… but you can’t avoid the ammonia.
    That’s why beef is not recommended on stage one of the strict diet.
    Able suggests only eating it maybe one to two times a month once your symptoms have been improved after a few months.

    Lamb is a better alternative since it is easier to digest, but still produces ammonia upon digestion. It is better overall for your health, but shouldn’t be consumed too often on the diet.


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    All meats produce ammonia not just beef. One of the problems with beef is that it takes 2 days to digest whereas chicken and fish take hours. This promotes constipation and sluggish digestion which then benefits the yeast. Its more than ammonia, its about your digestion.


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