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    Having seen that grape fruit seed extract is a good anti fungal does that mean that the whole fruit grapefruit is safe to eat on the anti candida diet.

    In addition I also have one more question:

    Coconut oil is mentioned quite often on the forum as something containing a good level of calories to help against weight loss. This oil is it in liquid form like many cooking oils or is it more solid in a fat form.


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    Hello, James.

    You could test the grapefruit, and if you receive no reactions, you could have them sparingly, perhaps every two or three days.

    The coconut oil’s natural form is liquid, however, when you purchase it, and especially if you order it by mail, when you first receive it the texture may be mostly solid. This is because of the state of the oil which solidifies easily in cool temperatures. For this reason, it isn’t necessary to keep it refrigerated.



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    Just a word of warning, I tried a glass of grapefruit juice on saturday and had a flare up of my skin condition and was itchy all over. I’ve been fine with lemons and limes and am having at least 3 or 4 a day.

    So just try a small bit just in case!


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