Grains vs fruits. Why grains are so bad for you???

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    When I search on the internet I find a lot of information about grains and how bad it is to take them. Diets like paleo or even gaps diet avoid all grains and dairy but in the candida diet it says that is best take grains than fruits. So the question is what´s best for our digestive system? What feeds more candida: Fruit or grains like brown rice or sweet potatos? I know both should be avoided although one day I will start with one of this foods groups. What should I start before?


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    So you are placing potatoes and a grain called rice together and potatoes are not a grain…

    Well quite simply fruit is better for you because its easier to digest. However most of the grains on the diet are better than eating fruit. I’m talking about grains such as buckwheat, teff, millet, etc. Potatoes and rice are pretty high in starch so they aren’t a good example.

    If you were to choose between eating potatoes and pineapple, I wouldn’t eat either one starting out because both have major drawbacks. Pineapple will get slightly moldy shipping it across the world and its very high in sugar…too high for the diet. And potatoes are very high in starch and glycemic index and aren’t allowed on the diet until like stage 3 or late in your treatment. Its like which poison do you think is worst for the diet? Pretty equally bad…

    However if you were to compare blueberries and something like teff, then they are likely equally beneficial for the diet with teff bringing slightly more benefit. The blueberries are very low in sugar and teff has no bad properties really.


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