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    Hey there~

    If you have ever enjoyed a morning Late, after dinner Cappuccino or just a good ol’ cup of Jo… if so, I hope you can make some sense of the following information and gain some appreciation for a common sense approach to balanced lifestyle and cure. I feel, learning from one another is essential into achieving this goal and looking forward to hearing your thoughts…

    As I began this journey with Candida, the first thing I decided to do was DECLARE WAR! This “condition” has completely taken over my quality of life and I intend to find a common sense approach to healing in the FASTEST, SAFEST means possible. With that said… I am CRAVING & NEED my JAVA! JAVA… JAVA… JAVA!!!

    This is day 12 for me and I have to say, this is the worst Sunday morning I can ever remember. Being blessed to live in such a gorgeous area, I feel fortunate to be able to enjoy all the “little” things in life. One being, walking out my door for a morning walk with my Dog and heading down the the local coffee house for a spiked up Late. According to the diet and multiple resources, this is not the best thing to do and is not advised while battling Candida… especially during the first stages of the plan.

    As I have read, in addition to possible caffeine related issues, coffee is ill-advised due to possible MOLD and MYCOTIXIN’S that MAY OR MAY NOT be present in the coffee beans which, MAY OR MAY NOT trigger issues. If you are participating on this forum, you or someone you know may be dealing with this obnoxious “condition” known as CANDIDA. We all have our own unique story which incorporates many different factors as to why this new resident known as, yeast overgrowth, has made a home within our bodies.

    I AM DECLARING WAR ON CANDIDA & ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I want my QUALITY OF LIFE back and I am depending on learning as much as I can from all of you in order to beat this! I feel some of the information and resources make sense and yes, has been very helpful. However, SOME of the information seems quite EXTREME AND THERE HAS TO BE A BALANCE…

    I feel; learning, absorbing and educating myself about all the contributing factors to this condition is the only way to achieve optimum wellness in a quick manner. I also believe, sharing information is vital and for those of you that are interested, I have included links along with some bits & pieces of articles regarding coffee processing and other interesting facts about java beans. Bottom line; I may not be able to enjoy a Late today with “traditional milk” and syrupy enhancements, however, I should be able to order smart and make adjustments to my typical routine and still be able to enjoy a little indulgence.

    GOAL: I hope to find a balance that will allow me to still enjoy a tasty treats and my old friend… cup of Joe!

    Please note: being that we are all on our own individual journey, references and thoughts provided are being shared as a participant on the Candida Forum. I am not a Physician or Expert by any means… just a girl trying to cope & use common sense.

    Candida Diet and Coffee
    Author: Aurora Harklute
    LIVESTRONG.COM; Aug 16, 2013
    Learn more:

    Coffee Use
    Some candidiasis sufferers claim that all caffeinated products should be eliminated on an anti-candida diet, while others maintain that small amounts of caffeine are acceptable. The Candida Diet website claims that caffeine boosts candida growth by suppressing immune functioning and recommends avoiding caffeinated beverages such as coffee. However, a single cup of coffee does not likely contain enough caffeine to significantly affect candida growth. Drink unsweetened coffee in moderation and monitor your body’s reaction. If symptoms of candidiasis flare up, eliminate coffee and other caffeinated beverages from your diet.

    Expert Insight

    Few medical doctors acknowledge candidiasis as a legitimate condition. While switching from processed, unhealthy foods to fresher alternatives may alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms, this may simply be because the diet improves overall health. MayoClinic.com reports that no clinical trials demonstrate the efficacy of a candida diet for eliminating any medical symptoms.

    How to choose mycotoxin-free coffee
    Author: Alex cappuccino aka RawGuru
    Natural News; Saturday, November 05, 2011
    Learn more:

    According to the authors, by following these tips you can enjoy your cup of joe without having it ruin your health.

    1. Drink coffee that has been made via wet processing. Because mycotoxins often form during the drying process, wet beans are much less likely to contain them than dry beans.

    2. Do not drink decaffeinated coffee. Caffeine actually protects coffee beans from the growth of mold and can prevent large amounts of mycotoxins from growing.

    3. Choose arabica beans over robusta beans. Though robusta varieties do have higher levels of caffeine, they also contain more mycotoxins.

    4. Consider the environment in which your beans are grown. Because mold is less apt to grow at higher elevations, buying beans that have been harvested in the mountains of Central America is a great way to decrease the amount of toxins in your coffee.

    5. Stay away from blends. Though blended coffees may taste good, there really is no way of telling where the different bean varieties have come from. Try to stick to single estate products rather than the major brand names.

    6. Steam is an agent that can help break down toxins, so if all else fails, order an cappucino.

    “The BS About MOLD & MYCOTOXINS In Coffee And Why You Shouldn’t Stop Drinking It”
    Author: Wade Shepard
    Sept. 7, 2013
    Learn more:

    ▪ Many scientific tests have been done to discover how much mycotoxin is destroyed through roasting coffee beans, but the results
    have been highly contradictory. Some reports state that only 10% is destroyed while others claim that roasting results in near total
    elimination. From reading the available material it is my impression that roasting is an effective way to destroy a good percentage of
    mycotoxins, but there is a good chance that some will remain in the final product.
    ▪ There are ways of producing coffee so that the final product has less mycotoxin, such as through mechanical and wet processing.
    ▪ Arabica coffee tends to have less mycotoxins.
    ▪ The same is true for coffee that is grown at higher elevations, such as in Central America.
    ▪ Decaffeinated coffee is higher in mycotoxins, as caffeine is a natural mycotoxin inhibitor.
    ▪ Instant coffee generally has significantly more mycotoxins than roast beans.
    ▪ Low quality coffee tends to have more mycotoxins than higher quality (price is alone is not a determinant of quality).
    ▪ The fresher the better. The older coffee is the more mycotoxins it tends to have. Of course.
    ▪ Though coffee is occasionally cited as the biggest source for mycotoxins in the American diet, these toxins are also found in many
    other foods, including but not limited to: peanut butter, nuts, wheat flour, beer, wine, raisins, chocolate, cereals, and hundreds of
    other things we routinely eat and drink. Basically, fungi and their mycotoxins are just about everywhere.
    ▪ Coffee does not stand alone at the high end of the mycotoxin count when compared with other common foods. In fact, there are
    many other common foods that tend to have far higher concentrations of mycotoxins than coffee.
    ▪ Chemicals in coffee, such as caffeine, kahweol, and cafestrol, can actually combat mycotoxins in the body or trigger the body to do
    so. This means that drinking coffee — even that which itself may contain mycotoxins — may provide protection against mycotoxin

    Subject: Upgraded Coffee, Bulletproof Coffee, Mycotoxins and Health
    Author: Buckley @ “Coffee Geeks”
    posted: May 30, 2013
    Learn more:

    In summary, all coffee drinkers are exposed to aflatoxins, ochratoxin A and other fungal toxins and exposure cannot be avoided.  However, their contribution to human disease is completely unknown since all known disease effects take place in animal studies or in cell cultures.  In my opinion, the diet of the developed world offers too many competing toxins and dietary indiscretions that kill and maim us before the toll of mycotoxins could ever be significant.  For instance, the worst effect of aflatoxin is liver cancer, but liver cancer in the developed world is always preceded by cirrhosis (in which aflatoxin is not implicated) with very, very few exceptions (I am not going to cite this – it is easy to find out if you take issue with this opinion).  

    Also, mycotoxins are carried by hundreds of food products, not just coffee.  Chocolate, raisins, peanuts and wheat seem especially prone to contamination.  Also in my opinion, coffee harvesting, processing and storing that optimizes the quality and sale value of a coffee harvest also serves to minimize the conditions under which fungi grow.  As long as dedicated buyers for George Howell’s Terroir, Intelligentsia and dozens of other roasters are prowling the world’s coffee plantations for the source of that ‘God shot’, there seems to be little reason to worry about the level of mycotoxins to which aficionados are exposed.  That does not mean the coffee trade should not be monitored for safety and it does not mean that all coffees have the same level of purity; studies have incidentally reported higher levels of ochratoxin A in instant coffee than in beans and the EU limits for ochratoxin A in instant coffee is twice the limit for roast beans.  

    Finally, just as coffee is a complex chemical solution, its biochemical effects are just as complex.  The answer to why coffee beans use their energy to produce so many compounds, caffeine chief among them, may lie in the conjecture that they, too, are fighting chemical warfare, in this case against bacteria, fungi and mycotoxins and that, by ingesting this marvelous broth, we, too, are enjoying the protective effects of their defenses.

    Thank you for reading and CHEERS to your health!!!

    Mess at the beach~


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    Caffeine stresses the adrenals and should be avoided.


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    Caffeine likely contributed to you getting here in the first place. It likely drained your adrenals and after these are depleted, your body then depletes your thyroid. Your thyroid is basically the center of your immune system and is likely the single greatest reason for why you are here.

    Additionally, it damages the liver and kidneys which you need to detox. Essentially when you drink coffee it forces your kidneys to work hard to balance the pH of your body and detox the caffeine toxins.

    Coffee is inflammatory which causes your gut to inflame making you more allergic to the bad foods out there. With inflammation you can find disease and you can develop more chronic health problems.

    It also makes you dehydrated which is not good in general.

    However starting out you are very likely tired so it might be a must have item starting out. I recommend phasing it out slowly…don’t quit completely at once. Instead of 12 oz’s drink 6 or 8. Then start drinking it every other day, then once a week, then once a month, etc.

    There are replacements for coffee out there. Tea is the best one in my opinion; if you transitioned to green tea, then this is much healthier than coffee and still has caffeine. It is also highly anti-inflammatory (coffee is inflammatory) and has anti-oxidants. Then switch to chamomile tea. If you steep chamomile tea for longer than 8 mins, then it gives you energy. I drink 3 cups a day during the work week personally and then I feel completely normal, even after a bad nights sleep. Chamomile tea is also antifungal and helps promote hemorrhoid health.

    Another one is chickory root coffee which is a prebiotic. It has a variety of other health properties and I have not tried it.



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    Chicory root is probably the most coffee tasting replacement tea.
    I drink my morning mix consisting of 1/4 Chicory root, 1/4 Burdock root, 2/4 Dandelion root, all organic & ordered from http://www.iherb.com
    I drink it black, but I have tried it more Late like with homemade Almond milk and a bit liquid stevia in it, mine had Caramel taste, and it was really good, but like I said I usually just do it black.


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    Drinking coffee is up to you.
    You’re likely going to know if it negatively affects you.
    I enjoy coffee/espresso almost everyday with no issues, I prefer black.
    Cream/Sugar should be avoided for obvious reasons.

    I have also asked Eric Bakker (ND) about coffee specifically if you are interested. He has seen thousands of those with the yeast syndrome and is one of the most knowledgeable ND’s I have read from.

    I don’t feel coffee is significant.

    I am much more concerned about sugar, wheat flour, hydrogenated vegetable oils, sleep deprivation, sedentary lifestyle, and anti-biotics.



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    Yes, I agree! Coffee beans probably affect each of us in a different manner and I think I will try some this weekend (week 3). Fingers crossed!! It also makes sense, that the steaming process done when making espresso would actually really help to eradicate any residual traces of mold or mycotoxins left in the beans and that’s a good thing!!! I guess I am not only relieved but, maybe even a little impressed by the information regarding coffee bean processing. After all, some things have to make sense and this to me is common sense… better quality beans that undergo a rigorous selection does reduces the risk of toxins. Medically speaking, coffee also pertains some positive health benefits and as long as it’s in moderation, I say, enjoy if you can!

    BTW: ff Raster is reading… I have to laugh & after re-reading the post, I should probably clear the record. Admittedly, I did sound like a CrAzY gal “jonzing” for java! Hahaha! The fact of the matter, I think I was really jonzing for my routine and missed one of my simple pleasures by not walking down to the coffee house to savor a perfect late. I have been dieting for two weeks and this issue makes me darn mad… I feel being pro-active is the only way.

    Thank you so much for your troubleshooting and to address your thoughts regarding coffee related reasons of why I might have Candida… well, where do I start? I never consumed coffee (espresso) on a daily basis and only enjoyed late’s as a treat. Realistically speaking and due to budget, I had a late maybe once or twice a week and although I do have an espresso machine at home, I still preferred walking down for a little social time with my dog instead of sitting home. Thankfully, I never experienced a bad tummy or reaction from coffee beans and tried never consumed caffeine after noon or one o’clock… always medium size. I stopped drinking “regular” coffee years ago because I prefer espresso but, I do enjoy tea almost on a daily basis… hot or iced, it’s one of my favorites! (black, green, herbal).

    After reading tons of information out there re; Candida… I feel, my stressful life circumstance combined with an obvious weakened immune system due to stress, exposure to massive amounts of mold and being on several months of extremely strong antibiotics is why I have this creepy condition. It’s enough to freak me out and I am desperately trying any means necessary to take my life back.

    I realize missing out on late’s or enjoying a glass of Cabernet while watching a sunset may not be the end of the world but, it sure is more fun if you can enjoy whatever you want right…

    Thanks for the feedback & hope our communication helps others to trouble shoot and figure out triggers to their condition.


    Mess at the beach~


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    Oh I thought you were one of those coffee addicts like I was! Once awhile most of the bad stuff isn’t that big of a deal, but when you make a habit out of it, then I think its not a good thing.



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    lol, I thought you sounded like one of those coffee addicts like I was too! In my college days, I would drink coffee non-stop thinking that I had to keep going and going and going. I was aiming to become a physician assistant, and I just wanted to keep on studying, working, and trying my best to get into the program. I did and started the program, but then I had to drop out due to health reasons, removal of colon and diagnosed with gastroparesis.

    I have now learned to get off caffeine (did get hooked here again for awhile); however, as a treat every once in awhile, then like raster said no big deal. Actually, I am very sensitive to how much caffeine I have now. If I do, it is strictly in the morning, and that is it. I like to start my day with a hot drink, and I mainly drink tea now. There are a couple of my teas that have caffeine.

    I still drink coffee on occasion, and I agree with the way it is brewed whether it is going to bother me or not, especially my tummy. Like on Monday, I did have a major headache, and also like you, I like to enjoy things like this with people, sit out on a porch, (yes, like you, wine watching a sunset would be perfect – one day! =)) Back to the point, I think the way coffee is brewed contributes to how it is going to affect you, too. I went to one of our local coffee shops to get a small coffee. Now, I did tell her 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf because I didn’t want that much, and they have almond milk, so she topped it off with that. Let me tell you, I hadn’t coffee for awhile, and it was the best ever! It tasted so good. I can’t make coffee like that at home. Sometimes, the way it is brewed bothers me. It has to be just right, but for the most part, I might enjoy caffeine a couple times a week now. I think it still keeps me sane that way.

    As Danny mentioned, I get much more concerned about these things now:I am much more concerned about sugar, wheat flour, hydrogenated vegetable oils, sleep deprivation, sedentary lifestyle, and anti-biotics.


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    Wow…thank you for sharing & I sincerely hope you get back into the PA program because you sound like you would be a great asset to any team!!! Your life experience would help others and sounds like you worked really hard to get started… I am familiar with the pain and discomfort you must have gone through more over, I empathize with you for the impact it must have had to your lifestyle. In dealing with this issue, I find myself getting so angry because, I think stress is the “true root of all evil” and due to so many things happening that were beyond my control, I allowed stress to take over. Now, I have another kind of root! Yuk!!!!

    Myself, I worked in the medical industry for 14 years until the Government turned everything upside down… I was in sales (medical devices & home health care) focused in Senior care. Mainly, I helped those that struggled with life long issues which put them under full time care. Additionally, those with mobility issues due to strokes, obesity, ALS, Parkinsons, Diabetes, heart issues, etc… it was a very “real” life industry and yet, learned a lot and was very rewarding to help people regain some independence and mobility. At this point, I want nothing to do with the medical industry anymore due to the way the Government has done things. Honestly, I don’t mean or want to get into politics but, most people do not realize what changes occurred and why Seniors in nursing homes do not have access to proper medical support for things like; pressure relieving cushions to relieve or eliminate wounds on buttocks, proper wheelchairs, commodes or even a simple walker or cane. It’s extremely heartbreaking! (totally off topic but, I thought you might appreciate).

    I guess that’s why I am so determined to find a “common sense” approach to this thing I refer to as a, CONDITION… I just don’t have the money to deal with this and have already spent $170. Which means, the investment I have spent so far means, other bills had to wait. I also tapped into a credit card which was the worst thing to do but, what choice do I have. If this isn’t a sick thought, I would almost wish for an STD so at least I could take a pill and get on with my life! Ugh…

    My biggest concern, I honestly can’t afford to be 100% organic and it’s CrAzY to consider becoming a vegetarian. Honestly, I have no interest. However, I want to be able to incorporate organic dairy, eggs, etc. and try to work with the meat side of it. There is a lot of research about cooked meat and due to the cooking temperatures, antibiotics are no longer viable. Hmmmm… food for thought huh?

    Giving up everything is a mental drain and I hope all of this will be worth it. In regards to dieting, I think I could handle a “fat free” diet much better & although our bodies need some fat, I think it would be more manageable… the funniest thing on this diet is that we get to have “real” butter versus, Country Crock. No diet in the world would ever allow that & although I realize it is in minimal amounts, it does make the Buckwheat taste a little better! Haha!!

    Best of luck to you and stay healthy!!!! Hope you get to enjoy your cup of jo this weekend and I will toast to you when I get my late!!!

    Have a great day!

    Mess at the beach~

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