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    Hi all —

    Recently I wrote a question about distinguishing between healing vs. die off. Despite being on antifungals for 3 months I was still experiencing what I thought was die off (malaise, nausea, stomach pains, muscle cramps, etc,. etc,.) >>

    But, now I believe a lot of what I was experiencing was plain old malnutrition from unprocessed foods I was eating.

    Well, I started on 2 digestive enzymes per meal (along with the betaine hcl I take) and within 24 hours I was experiencing intense gas (I believe the body started processing more nutrients than before the enzymes). Then, BAM, I felt better. And still do as I am writing this. Not completely healed, but the GI distress was gone.

    Pretty cool.

    In the past I had tried digestive bitters and they helped, but NOTHING like a good digestive enzyme.

    If you are anything like me (multiple food sensitivities and a loong history of stomach problems) than a good digestive enzyme might help.

    Remember, without proper assimilation of foods all the good eating will do the body little good. And without the proper assimilation of foods the gut will do little to heal itself from all the toxins and injury of the years.

    I am taking Similase GFCF:

    And if you would like to read more about digestive enzymes here’s a couple links:


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    I believe the protocol doesn’t endorse enzymes because they break food down into simple sugars which actually feed the candida. It’s also why products like Candex aren’t recommended.

    I experienced a lot of cramps and pains etc. that perhaps were similar to yours. I would usually experience it after taking antifungals. I think it was perhaps a combination of gas and the constipation I had at the time. It was really painful (and I think I might have a hemroid now because of it). Anyway, long story short. A combination of digestive bitters and betaine HCL fixed the situation for me.


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    Well, I won’t get into a debate about this because I respect Able’s opinions. But, this is my experience and I am grateful to have the help of digestive enzymes to help heal my gut.


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    the bitters actually dehydrate me a lot more I have noticed so I added enzymes plus Hcl and its helping the bloating already


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    moochpb;41488 wrote: the bitters actually dehydrate me a lot more I have noticed so I added enzymes plus Hcl and its helping the bloating already

    Hi, Mooch. If you’ll read the instructions in my post about the bitters, you’ll see that you need to drink water with bitters. That means more water than you normally drink and you shouldn’t have a problem with dehydration.

    The biggest advantages of bitters over a couple of pure enzymes are:

    1) Everyone who has a Candida albicans infestation needs help with detoxing their liver on a continuous basis because the toxins from both living and dying Candida are constantly being pulled into the liver for the detoxification process. The digestive bitters, taken daily, will perform a ‘flushing’ action of the liver every time they’re used. Enzyme supplements are incapable of performing this flushing action in the liver.

    2) Bitters allow the body to make the correct enzymes and amounts needed for the particular foods eaten at any given time. There are many, many enzymes used by the human body, not even a tiny portion of which are supplied in an enzyme supplement.



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    I recommend digestive enzymes but able900 does not; this is something we have historically been at odds about. I encourage you to do your own research on the topic but enzymes greatly helped me get better and heal leaky gut. Fermentation of foods in the gut is a common occurrance with a digestive disorder and the enzymes reduce this or prevent this greatly… fermentation in the gut needs to be avoided at all costs.

    My naturopath recommends bitters if you are trying to heal a specific organ.



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    Which enymes are the best?

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