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    I have noticed that a couple of foods seem to provide me with really good energy, better than many of the other foods on the allowed foods list. Maybe we are all different in regards to this, but it might be worthwhile for some to try.

    Lemons. Each lemon contains only 2.5 grams of sugar depending on the size. I cut them in half and squeeze one into a glass of filtered water and warm it up. It really increases my mental alertness and gives me ability to focus. It’s on the strict diet list and they actually have antifungal qualities as well.

    Oat Bran. This is really no secret as most here are eating this since it’s a prebiotic. I find it actually gives me better physical strength than any of the other allowed grains such as buckwheat, teff & coconut flour. like all of these types of foods I’m always especially careful not to overdo it. I never eat more than 1/3rd of cup, which is considered 1 serving.

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