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    Hello. Let me explain my situation, and if anyone has had a similar experience, please feel free to share. When I was 16 (I’m now 17), I developed an eating disorder known as anorexia athletica, which involves extreme caloric restriction, paired with overexercising to work off any food intake. I was biking around 15 miles every day for over a month, and from then on, lots of cardio, weight lifting, etc. The first problem I noticed (GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION) was that for a week straight, I couldn’t keep any food in my stomach without having diarrhea directly after eating. Around the same time that this happened, I noticed that the entrance to my vagina had become tight and my vulva would burn when penetrated. This startled me a lot. Unsure of what was wrong (and stupidly chalking it up to overbiking), I ignored it for two weeks. At that time, I had begun to break out – something very rare for me, as I had perfect skin prior – and the pimples I was getting weren’t responding to any topical treatment. After the diarrhea subsided (for the most part), I began to suffer from constipation and bad bloating. I went to the doctor for what I had thought was a UTI (and later confirmed instead as a vaginal yeast infection), and they took an x-ray of my stomach, concluding that I was indeed very constipated. They prescribe me a pill for the infection, which didn’t work, and moved on. I also was prescribed a liquid medicine for what they called ‘vaginitis’. Not surprisingly, none of these worked. The next few months would be composed of pointless doctors visits and an emotional downfall as I struggled to find what was wrong with me; I tried many doctors, and was eventually diagnosed with endometriosis, IBS, and IC (interstitial cystitis). The holistic doctor who diagnosed me gave me Enteragam to help heal my leaky gut while we discussed other treatment plans. Meanwhile, my acne grew worse, my digestion was slow, I always felt fatigued, and sex was growing increasingly painful. I was also dealing with vaginal dryness, and after another doctors visit, was diagnosed with vulvodynia. Then, after getting a urine sample, I was given another round of antibiotics for a UTI. They didn’t work. There were multiple strains of bacteria in my urine, but what stood out most to me was that they had found Candida in it. My doctor explained that it was probably throughout my entire body, including my stomach and vagina. Anyways, after getting bloodwork to look at my vitamin levels, another holistic doctor concluded that I have high oxalates, which would cause the chronic UTI, and that I had either Candida or SIBO (or both). She prescribed me a 20 day vege cleanse, along with a handful of supplements and the high oxalate diet. One of the supplements prescribed is Biocidin, which I’ve read is somewhat of an antifungal. I’m on day 12, and the diet is hard to follow. I am not feeling any improvements in terms of digestion, although my skin has cleared a good amount. After I finish the cleanse, I plan to go on a strict Candida diet and find a stronger antifungal. I was considering colostrum. Can anyone give me advice? Do i need to cut out all fruits? Thank you.

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