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    My candida appeared last April after taking an 18 day course of antibiotics. That gave me oral thrush, vaginal and anal yeast infections. In the months since, I have tried SO many things including: Diflucan for 30 days, Nystatin tablets for 3 months, grapefruit seed extract, caprylic acid,SF722, several types of probiotics, as well as topical creams and suppositories – boric acid, tea tree oil, ketoconazole cream, etc. It’s now December and my oral thrush has been gone for 2 months. I swish and swallowed GSE for about a month to get rid of it. I still take the GSE once a day. I also had severe shortness of breath which is now gone. So, I have improved slightly. But…my anal infection flares up so badly that I cannot walk without pain, let alone sit. This seems to spread easily and then I’m also dealing with vaginal infections. I can clear them up with ointments, etc, but it only lasts two or so days before it all returns.

    I followed the Candida diet strictly for three months – veggies and meat ONLY. It did nothing to alleviate my problem. In the meantime, allergy testing revealed a gluten intolerance. Currently I eat gluten-free and sugar-free. I do eat whole grains, dairy, beans, and occasionally a sugar substitute such as stevia or agave.

    At this point I have no idea what to do. My primary doctor has been no help at all. She is making it difficult for me and will not give me a referral. My naturopath has tried to help, but she is saying she doesn’t know what to do with me at this point. I have spent thousands of dollars. I’d like to try a stronger RX antifungal, but I don’t know.

    I really, really don’t want to do the diet again. It didn’t seem to do much for me. But…I’m desperate. This has taken over my life. I cannot find simple answers and I especially cannot find a health professional who can or will help. Please…anyone?


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    Please explain what your current diet consist of. Are you following the allowed food list?

    Also, the diflucan is no help for fighting candida. Have you tried other probiotics? Probiotics are the single most important thing you need to recover from candida…more than antifungals and other supplements.

    The megaflora one is a 50 billion probiotic and one I recommend is called HMF neuro and contains human micro flora. If you try either of these, it will likely greatly help you recover. Same with kefir…have you eaten any kefir?

    My only other suggestion is to try an anti-inflammation diet. Check out your foods to see how inflammatory they are:

    Have you rotated your diet at all? Candida can adapt to almost anything, but if you rotate the diet, it cannot adapt very easily.



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    Back in the beginning of August I started a strict candida diet – veggies and meat. Nothing else. I followed it strictly for about 2 1/2 months and then slowly began adding in brown rice, oatmeal then a few fruits. I have worked my way up to basically eating gluten-free and no refined sugar. While on the diet, my oral thrush went away and I thought the anal yeast had (although I still had the symptoms – I thought it was a bad hemhorroid – silly me). The anal yeast never really went away, but I didn’t realize that’s what it was until it started to spread out practically onto my legs. So, the diet apparently didn’t do much for me.

    Currently, I’m taking:

    Caprylic acid (Candidastat) 4 a day for almost two months
    Nystatin tablets (500000) 4 a day for almost three months
    Various vitamins as prescribed by my ND
    Primal Defense Ultra – 6 a day for two weeks
    GSE – once a day off and on for two months
    Tea tree oil & Boric acid ointment topically
    GSE enemas – 3 or 4 times a week

    I rotated my diet religiously for the first few months. Now, not so much. Especially since my food allergy testing came back only with the gluten intolerance. I’m wondering if I need to start all over again? I’m also considering stronger Rx antifungals. Is it possible that the candida is not so much throughout my digestive system but is just hanging onto the lower bowel?

    Sorry so long…thanks.


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    My first guess is that you didn’t do the strict part of the diet for long enough. You started to feel better and then added in new foods too soon…then things got worse. I would definitely say cut out the brown rice, oatmeal, and fruit and go backwards in time to when you first started the diet. Rice contains small amounts of starch and sugar. Fruits contain sugar. I don’t know the properties of oatmeal, but it isn’t on the allowed foods list. How long did you wait to add these foods in? I waited 4 months to reintroduce these items except I had about 25 blueberries in my yogurt in the morning.

    Also, if you are eating beef or pork, this is not beneficial to the diet. It’ll cause inflammation and large amounts of ammonia production. For meat, I would stick to chicken, turkey, seafood, and maybe a little lamb. I would rotate between these throughout the week as well.

    Instead of rice, I would eat buckwheat, quinoa, and possibly red/black rice (much healthier for you and less starch possibly). I would rotate between these throughout the week.

    If you are eating yogurt, check to see how much sugar it contains. Try to keep your daily intake of all sugars to below 25g a day. Switch to greek yogurt because it contains much less sugar than regular yogurts (7-11g per serving). Greek yogurt and kefir contain probiotics which help heal your gut.

    Tomatoes and carrots are not on the allowed foods list as well as other starchy vegetables such as potatoes. Save these for phase 2 if possible or eat in very small amounts.

    I would consider switching to human derived probiotics such as the megaflora and HMF neuro because these bind to your intestinal walls better than any other probiotic. Its about quality vs. quanity! Kefir is very powerful as a probiotic as well.

    Consider taking (fermented?) cod liver which will reduce inflammation. Consider doing an anti-inflammatory diet, which will address your main problem…inflammation (of the skin and organs).

    If you have die-off at all anymore, try to do a sauna, hot tub, steam room, or even a hot bath to remove the toxins from your body.

    I feel your woes, but you weren’t doing the diet strictly enough to fight off the candida fully.



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    Hello, Oak, welcome to the forum. My comments to your post are below.

    Quote: “I’d like to try a stronger RX antifungal, but I don’t know.”

    Reply: You can continue to try different and more powerful antifungals (both prescription and over the counter) for the next 30 years, but you won’t cure your Candida infestation until you stop feeding them and change the environment of their home, that being your intestines and colon.
    As long as you’re killing the Candida with antifungals and then feeding them you’ll remain on the cycle of killing and replenishing the infestation, a never-ending journey.

    Quote: The anal yeast never really went away, but I didn’t realize that’s what it was until it started to spread out practically onto my legs. So, the diet apparently didn’t do much for me.

    Reply: The first diet was apparently working, you wrote that while on the diet the oral thrush went away. That’s a big improvement, but then you started feeding the Candida again before it was completely under control; a very common mistake (rice, oatmeal and fruit).

    The fact that you’re taking Primal Defense is no doubt part of your problem. This contains Saccharomyces boulardii which is a soil-based probiotic and not what you need to cure a fungus overgrowth. S. boulardii doesn’t colonize in the human intestinal tract, plus it isn’t one of the micro-organisms that normally inhabits the intestines. What you want is a micro-organism which is a normal and natural inhabitant of the human digestive tract that will colonize and multiply in your intestines and colon. Look for MegaFlora made by MegaFood, 20 billion count, 14 strains. Whichever probiotic you purchase, be sure to find one that contains Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1, this is instrumental in treating a Candida infestation.

    Quote: Is it possible that the candida is not so much throughout my digestive system but is just hanging onto the lower bowel?

    Reply: It really doesn’t matter one way or another, the point is that the infestation is in your body for certain and it’s not getting any smaller at the moment.

    Read the protocol and the allowed foods list which is linked in the post.

    If you have questions just ask, someone will always be willing to help you here.



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    Thanks so much for the suggestions! I am working on implementing them. I just had a culture last week, so I’m waiting for results before I go completely back to eating like a rabbit.

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