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    I recently got prescribed Siberian Ginseng as a tincture, but it contained 42% ethanol/alcohol. So I didn’t try it.

    I tried finding alcohol free versions, not much luck but I bought a cheap one that uses glycerin and claims it contains nothing else other than Sib Ginseng and water.

    I know glycerin has been a concern in the past, and Raster you have said not to worry too much about it in supplements (capsules etc..), but this one tastes very sweet and I don’t want it to aggravate my symptoms.

    Any thoughts? I am currently taking tablet forms of the Ginseng, hopefully it will give me some of the same benefit.


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    It shouldn’t benefit the yeast as far as I’m concerned, very small amount of alcohol (like a spoonful or whatever per serving). The alcohol preserves whatever is in the tincture.


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