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    moochpb;38388 wrote: Thanks. Candida and then having mental issues is even tougher. The dr made me irate but so did the gi drs but when u have hope and the nurse tell u this is the dr who will believe you doesn’t, it makes it worse. I’m doing accupuncture tonight, I hope that helps

    Dude, just hang in there man. I know exactly what you are going through. I have been off work for 5 months now because Im having extreme anxiety/panic problems. They make me see a psychiatrist and a therapist. The psychiatrist is a complete waste of time as all he wants to do is load me up on a bunch of drugs and anti-depressants.

    I found out I have hypo-thyroid and my adrenals are extremely overactive. The only problem is now my thyroid labs are showing its improving but I still feel terrible all the time. My doctor doesnt seem to have a clue on whether I should be feeling better or not based on my labs coming back into the normal range so now she wont sign my disability papers and is making me see another doctor. I dont know what good they will do if my labs are back into normal range after a couple months.

    I also have adrenal problems that she wont even discuss because the standard medical community will not recognize adrenal fatigue. Just like with the candida, if there is no magic pill they can market then they dont think it exists although there are tests and mountains of medical literature on both problems.

    I was diagnosed with GAD but sometimes I feel like I even have some PTSD. I had a new neighbor move in and I havent been able to sleep for about a week now because he has a really loud car. My anxiety is so bad every time I hear his car outside now I almost have a panic attack.

    I think alot of the mental problems we deal with in respect to candida is because doctors will not help us and think we are crazy. We all know when something is not right and arent feeling well but yet they still refuse to acknowledge and help us.


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    The drs do think we are crazy. I wonder if they get candida overgrowth they would then understand. They try loading me up on Prozac I will not take it. I do take clorazapam to help me sleep though. My adrenals are overworked too but surprisingly my thyroid is ok and I can’t gain a pound. Just a good metabolism. So sick of drs period!


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    im sorry mooch i totally get where your coming from ,ive had similar experience with doctors and decided to not even bother with any anymore .keep up the acupuncture its really a huge stress relieve for me


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    Hi mate,
    never give up. Keep your vision. Dont listen to your thoughts, what other people say and follow your heart and the intent of your decission. You must know you are not allone. I am living in Sweden. I heard the exact words! Really it could be a tape from a meeting I had with my MD. He wanted to give me drugs from my mind and I said thank you. The mind is the only think keeping me together! It took me 2.5 yearsa of fighting the school medical teaching. But I got all the tests I wanted slowly out of them. I dont care what they say. I only want the tests done. Now finally after 2.5. years I got a paper to the university hospital to do a very good breath test for SIBO. I didnt give up. Its a marathon which you will wine my friend. You only loose the battle when you give up. Be your best friend and if everybody deserts you stay faithfull to yourself and to your health.



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    I’m not gonna give up, I’m treating myself from now on and listening to all of you. I will get bloodwork and stool at drs when needed but other then that nope. The hell with them, I know candida exists I don’t care if they buy it


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    moochpb;38457 wrote: I’m not gonna give up, I’m treating myself from now on and listening to all of you. I will get bloodwork and stool at drs when needed but other then that nope. The hell with them, I know candida exists I don’t care if they buy it

    We’re with you, Mooch. Good or bad, thick or thin, and guess what … we’ll even believe you if you say you have a Candida overgrowth, because we’re all demented as hell too.



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    I’m glad you’re not giving up Mooch!
    F’em! I’ve met so many people who can’t even get a proper diagnosis for Lyme disease, so you can forget candida. They’re all about pushing pills and bills and inflating their big egos. I saw a specialist for acne and even told him it improved when I cut dairy. He said there is no way cutting dairy will help and accutane was my only option. Well he was wrong just like the rest of them. Wish I was going to acupuncture tonight, enjoy every minute! Oh and with lab tests they are so unreliable, I’m a nurse and go by how I feel not what a lab result says. I do believe in vitamin d testing and if you haven’t had that done then your dr’s are really crazy. It can affect so many things.


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    Thanks!! I take vitamin d everyday as I have read how important it is. Just got done with accupuncture. Very relaxing but different, but I’m gonna do it every week. Drs don’t believe too much especially if money isn’t gonna be made. There isn’t a pill for candida that’s why they don’t care or want to. I will keep starving the yeast as long as it takes and my symptoms to away. I ll never eat like I did or take 1000 antibiotics again. Long road ahead but I’m gonna hang in there

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